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Zoo Books for Toddlers

I love to plan lessons for my boys around books as well use books as a tool to get my boys ready for an upcoming adventure. Our most recent adventure was a trip to the zoo! About a week before our trip I stopped by the library and chatted with one of my favorite librarians about all things zoo themed.

She asked if I was interested in looking into anything off the list I had brought in (courtesy of Pinterest) to which I said “YES!!!” She left for a few moments and came back with arms full of books for our library bag even a zoo themed CD.

Hugs to all the awesome librarians out there!

I checked out the zoo themed books I found on Pinterest along with the books she recommend and headed home with a full and happy library bag!

My boys are fans of reading and rereading books over and over annnnnnnd over so to say we loved on those books that week leading up to our zoo adventure would be an understatement. The books I found on Pinterest were fine but the ones that got the most love were the books our librarian recommend. They know their stuff!

Since they were such huge hits I thought I would share them with you!

Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo:
This was their favorite and one I’m sure we’ll be checking out again! It’s a quirky story about how the Flu um I mean Floo came to be. While it focuses is on Felicity’s trip to the zoo it would also be a good tool in talking about keeping our germs to ourselves.


The Baby BeeBee Bird:
The boys thought this book was hilarious! It’s a cute story about the zoo animals welcoming their new friend the BeeBee bird. The BeeBee bird keeps the other animals up all night. Tired and cranky the animals work together to find a fix for their sleepless night problem.


Wild About Us:
I’m a sucker for beautiful illustrations in children’s books and oh boy does this one have it! Not only is a beautiful book it’s provides a great opportunity for a powerful conversation about embracing our differences. This is one I’ll be purchasing for our book self and giving as gifts at childrens birthday parties….shoot I know a few adults that can stand to learn this lesson as well!


That’s Good That’s Bad:
We actually lucked into buying this one at a local thrift store. It’s been a hit in our home for a few months so I excited to see that our librarian give it her stamp of approval with her recommendations. Another book with great illustrations and a powerful life lesson. It’s fun to read, my boys get a good laugh out of it, and I can think of tons of lessons we can use it for. Even if you’re not looking for zoo themed books this one as well as Wild About Us would be great library rentals for your littles.


Giraffes Can’t Dance:
A much loved hit and while it’s not zoo focused per se it’s packed full of animals you will see at the zoo. It’s a fun story about a giraffe who loves to dance but takes a little time to find his way past his long wobble legs.


Bonus Tip: Throughout the week I hyped up a fun movie night to round out our week of zoo themed goodness. I rented the old Jungle Book from the library (please tell me you love on your local library). We talked about the characters in the movie during the week and had fun pointing out the animals we were seeing at the zoo that we would also be seeing in the movie later that night. A movie night was the perfect chill activity after a busy day at the zoo!

Our zoo trip was a hit and I know these books aided in my boys excitement for our adventure!

What are some of your favorite zoo themed children’s books?




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