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You’re Invited To A Costume Parade


Waaaaaayyyyy back in the “Domestic Princess in Training” (my old blog)  days I used to host a Halloween costume parade with my readers.

Folks would send in photos of themselves dressed in homemade Halloween costumes.
I would play Grand Marshal and conduct a costume parade right on the blog.

It was pure festive fun for those involved as well as the folks who enjoyed attending the parade (and by attending I mean visiting the parade blog post to ooh and aah over all the awesome costumes!)

It’s been a few years since I’ve done this.
I have no idea why I stopped doing it in the first place but I think it’s high time to bring the costume parade back!

I would love for you to join in and friends there will be winners and of course prizes……awesome prizes so you’ll want to participate!

Details on how to enter below…..

Who Can Join:
-This is a costume parade kiddos yes even of the furry kind. If you don’t have a human baby fur babies dressed up in costume count too!
Who doesn’t LOVE seeing littles AND pets dressed up in a Halloween costume, am I right?

-US only please as we will have a winner and I would like to keep the shipping cost reasonable for prizes that will be mailed out.

How to Enter:
Email one photo of your child and or pet dressed up in their Halloween costume to: hangingwiththehuies@gmail.com
Please title your email: Costume Parade Entry. Within your email include their first name, age and what they’re dressed up as. If you prefer to not include their name give them a fake name!
I will share your photo within our Costume Parade post and readers will be able to vote on their favorite.

-One entry per person please. If you have more than one child you would like to enter please submit one photo with both children/pets in the photo.

The photo you submit should be clear and showcase your littles costume! In the past photos that were creative and of good quality always did well. With that being said don’t make it too complicated. Just a nice clear shot where we can see your child or fur baby showing off their costume would be great.

The deadline to submit your photo is before Halloween! If you’re not able to get your child or pet in their costume before the deadline a photo from a previous year works as well!

Deadline to Submit Photos:
All participants will need to have their photos emailed to me no later than Monday, October 24th. This takes a bit of time on my end to organize and get all the photos ready for the post so I will not be able to take late entries, sorry friends.

The parade will be held here on October 27th! Once the costume parade post goes live you’ll be able to leave a comment and vote on your favorite costume. I will tally up the votes and a winner will be selected on Halloween day. I’m working on the prize bag for our winner but I promise it will be something you’ll be excited to win!

Looking For Vendors:
I’m currently looking for vendors who would like to donate to our prize basket. If you’re a shop owner, Etsy dealer, or someone who would like to donate please reach out so we can chat. You can contact me via the chat feature above or via email at hangingwiththehuies@gmail.com

All vendors will be showcased within our costume parade post!

If you’re not a vendor but know someone who may be interested please get them in contact with me so we can chat!

IMG_7424Carson’s costume from last year. With all that hair how could I not dress him us as Elvis!

Looking forward to seeing your entries!




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