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“Yappy” Halloween–Weston’s 1st Halloween


Get it…….yappy Halloween? I know so clever.

We celebrated our 1st holiday with the little dude! I’m so excited that he’s here for all the fun fall/winter holidays!

I was pretty pumped about dressing him up! I ordered the cute puppy hat for his newborn photos. I had visions of a beautiful shot of Brady (our Border Collie) kissing his chubby cheek while he wore the hat. Yeah that didn’t happen.  I didn’t even get 1 photo of him in it soooooo I decided to  save it for his Halloween costume! It actually worked out for the best because………. LOOK HOW CUTE!

Enter Weston’s 1st homemade costume!

I used double sided tape to tape the felt spots onto his onesie. That way I can take spots off afterwards and still use the outfit. I know genius, right? We can thank my lake of sewing skills and time for that one.

Weston Halloween Collage

We went a little snap happy with the camera. I have a feeling there will be many upon many impromptu photo shoots in the little dudes future. Poor guy is going to think my camera is my 3rd arm.

We even set up the tripod for a family photo.



EEEEK I love the 2 below. I can’t pick a favorite!


His double chin pretty much melts my heart! IMG_8469 1


Sorry my mug is plastered all over this post. I was a bad mom and didn’t grab the camera from Kent to take a few of him with nugget. If you follow us on instagram I’ve posted tons of cute baby and daddy photos.



Hehehe the look on his face.
Looks like he’s telling Abby to step off guurrrrl!


How we Celebrated Halloween:

Our nephew is in town visiting all the way from China!  We took him trick-or-treating which was stinking adorable to see his reaction to the whole thing. We then met up with our neighbor (who is also one of my close friends) to passed out candy. 

The weather was perfect. 
I ended the night with no leftover candy. Huge plus!
Weston was adorable in his costume.
And I got to catch up with my gal pal.

It was an awesome Halloween!





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