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Wordless Wednesday

I couldn’t decide what to title today’s post.

Let me give you a little glimpse into what was going through my mind while I was trying to decide.

”Wordless Wednesday” Hummm I don’t do anything wordless. Is it ok to post a few words? If I post it with this title does that mean it’s now a thing? Oh that makes me nervous. 

I should be drinking some coffee right now.

“Happy Hump Day” Get it? See photo below.

Why don’t I have a coffee cup in my hand? Yes I need to get on that asap!

“Clothing Optional Cowboy Boots a Must” Wellllll yeah after typing that I can see how that could totally go the wrong way. Less cute toddler in his birthday suite playing in the water more Chippendales. Nope nope nope nope.

I’m going to be a rebel and go with “Wordless Wednesday”. Does that mean it’s a thing now? Maybe, I don’t know? If it is a thing that might be fun if you. Do you think they will care if I include just a few words? Maybe I should title it “Wordless Wednesday-ish”?


2015-05-31 08.05.39 1

While I failed at being 100% wordless for my “Wordless Wednesday” post I think it’s fair to say this fits in the “Wordless Wednesday-ish” category. We’ll make that a broad category!

Either way here’s a short but crazy cute clip of Weston playing in the water. One of his favorite things to do.

2015-06-05 08.40.22 2

Now it’s coffee time!




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