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Why It’s Okay To Take A Million Photos In A Row

I was looking through my phone photos the other day deleting a bunch of repeats.

Ya know 40 photos of the same thing.

I was scrolling away when I came across something that made me crack up.

And because I like to make you laugh too I wanted to share it with ya!

It’s a series I like to call “Baby Shows Dad What’s Up”

hangingwiththehuies.com_babyhitsdad1 hangingwiththehuies_babyhitsdad2 hangingwiththehuies.com_babyhitsdad3 hangingwiththehuies.com_babyhitsdad4 hangingwiththehuies.com_babyhitsday5I bust out laughing (side note about this saying below) each time I look at these.
Kent’s reaction.
Carson’s face in each photo.

It’s GOLD!

So the next time someone give you flack for taking 100 photos in a row of the same thing you send them may way mmmk!

I’ll unleash Carson on them!


Side Note: Did you know the saying “Bust out laughing.” is a southern saying?
It’s said to be incorrect (by the grammar police) and should be “Burst out laughing.”
I get it!
Burst out laughing makes more sense, yes.

Buuuuut y’all know grammar is not one of my strengths and I am a southerner and all so I’m sticking with “Bust out laughing”
No today grammar police, NOT TODAY!



  • Kelsey - Oh my gosh, carsons smile in the last pic is just PERFECT. My mom takes a million pics in burst mode. I always make fun of her. Although there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference in her pics, like there are in yours.ReplyCancel

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