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Why I LOVE The 4th & A Family VLOG


Despite loathing the TX summer heat the 4th has always been one of my most favorite holidays.

My childhood 4th of Julys were full of nothing but awesomeness…………

Running free on my family’s property with my cousins, 4 wheelers, family softball and volley ball games, popping our own fireworks, massive family meals under the stars, and watermelon juice dripping from our arms.

The kind of stuff that’s good for the soul.

It was honestly pure perfection and when I think of my childhood I think back to those days in July spent in Mabank, TX on that big plot of land.

It’s my mission as a mama to fill my boys’ childhood with memories like the ones I treasure so dearly. Running free outdoors using their imagination and enjoying loved ones. Sometimes all you need is a little land and a whole lotta love for a good time!

This was our 1st 4th as a family of 4! I thought I would take you guys along……

A few photos from the day……

2015-07-06 04.07.19 1-1

2015-07-06 04.09.22 1

2015-07-06 04.05.19 1

2015-07-05 02.42.57 1(1)

Yep it was a good day indeed!




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