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Who Cuts Their Hair

Every now and then we get questions about the boy’s hair.

Do you style it every day? Most days I sure do.
Is it hard to do? Nope in fact it’s super easy.
How do you have the time for that? Ummm well it literally takes seconds to fix.
Are they good when you’re styling it? Yep! They’re used to it. They’ve had a styled hair cut since they were teeny tiny. They have the routine down!
What gel do you use? Johnny B Hair Hold Mode Styling Gel. Kent and I are super picky about hair gel. Our favorite brand was discontinued so we tried many others over the last several months hoping to find one that lived up to the one that we loved. Johnny B Hair Hold Mode is the winner and I even like it a touch better than the previous gel we were using.
How do you style it? I spray it with a tiny bit of water, add gel, use a fine tooth comb to comb it to the center then style from there. Carson gets spikes and Weston has a side swoop type thing going on. For Weston I comb his hair to the side then use the comb to create a little wave in the front. 

My favorite though is when I get to tell people who cuts their hair!

A few years back we took Weston to get his 1st hair cut.

It was a massive and I mean massive nightmare.

He flipped out, the stylist was on edge, and we all left rattled.
It took two more rounds of that hot mess when Kent suggested that he cut Weston’s hair.
To which I said with every ounce of sarcasm in me “Yeah totally, I’m sure you could cut his hair” my eyes just about rolling right off my head.

He then went on to tell me how good he is at cutting hair.
How he cut his friend’s hair in college.
How they preferred his haircuts over going to a professional.


We’ve been together for 17 years….17 YEARS and he’s never mentioned a thing about this hidden talent he claimed to have.
I was tired of the stress from taking Weston to children’s stylist and gosh darn it it’s expensive so I said why not.
If it didn’t turn out we could just buzz it off.

Funny thing is that I was pleasantly surprised.
Not only is he an amazing father, crazy smart, and a wonderful cook he can cut hair too…..go figure!

CHA-CHING husband jackpot!

It took a little while to get into the groove but y’all he’s good…….real good!
And all the professional stylist reading cringe.
Okay he’s good says my untrained eye.

Kent didn’t take his new role of Huie Boy Stylist lightly. He has a whole set up with a stool, decent scissors, clippers, a little mini broom and a fluffy brush to dust hair of the boy’s necks.

It wasn’t tear free at first but Weston did ton’s better for Kent than he did the stylist.
He’s a champ now, no tears, no complaining.
Carson like Weston took a little time to get into the routine but he rocks it now. No tears and sits still the whole time.

With 2 boys going in for cuts twice a month (their hair grows fast) Kent is saving us $120 a month.
Typing that out sounds nuts to me but after tip we were paying close to $30 for Weston so times four yep that’s right.
I was tipping pretty high because of the massive meltdown the stylist had to deal with.
I figured she was less likely to give him a crap haircut if I won her over with a nice tip.

Poor Kent doesn’t get a tip but he does get ice cream after it’s all said and done!
To his ice cream loving self that’s pretty much the best tip ever!

We started treating the boys to ice cream as a reward for doing well during their hair cut.
They no longer need an insensitive to make it through but a family ice cream date has become a tradition.
I’m all about traditions especially yummy ones!

Some day they’ll be too cool for home haircuts but for now we’re grateful for Kent’s hidden talent, sweet boys that let their mama style their hair and our family ice cream dates.



  • Debbie - Kendra!
    I love the boy’s haircuts!!! And of course the styling. You both could open a shop! ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Thank you so much Debbie! I figure if we can’t have bows and tutus we can do cute cuts and stylish shoes! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Your boys are the CUTEST! They rock their adorable haircuts! How awesome that your hubby can cut their hair so well! Love it!ReplyCancel

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