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I worked out this morning.
I know, I know……annnnnd so what?

Lots of people exercise every day.
People that are busier than me.
People that live harder lives than me.
People that face more challenges than me.

But we each have our own journey and with that comes our struggles and triumphs.

Today in my mind was a triumph!

We got back into town from a trip yesterday
(I’ll be blogging more on that later but take a peek at our IG until then to see what we were up to)
Our bags are still packed.
The house is a mess.
I got up with Carson at 3:30 am.
My alarm for the gym went off at 4:15 am.
I didn’t have my gym clothes ready.
I couldn’t find my tooth brush, deodorant,clean socks.
Everything is thrown into a duffle bag but I’m not sure which one.

I tried to talk myself out of going to the gym at least 4 times within 5 min.

”You just got back from a trip. It’s okay to take a day to recoup.”
”You’re tried from getting up with Carson go back to bed!”
“Just take the boys for a walk later.”
and the worst one……..
”You’re not even seeing results yet. Why are you pushing yourself so hard?”

These are actual thoughts that went through my head as I was trying to find socks, shoes, my tooth brush.

Each time one popped in my head I said the word “FIGHT!”

I know it sounds silly and you may be laughing at me right now but that’s ok.
Focusing on that one word alone each time I started to talk negative to myself got me to the gym.


I made it to my car and was all set to back out of our house.
I clicked our gate button to open the gate and nothing.
It didn’t open or budge.

Without that gate opening I can’t get my car out of our driveway.

See just go back inside and get in bed. This is a sign that you shouldn’t go to the gym today.”


I got out of my car and figured out how to put the gate in manual mode so I could manually push it open.


I made it to the gym.
I increased my weight amount today and I continued to push myself throughout my entire workout.

At 6:30am I walked out of the gym sweaty and shaky but most importantly feeling good, reallll good! 

It’s never easy this whole weight loss thing.
It wasn’t when I did it the 1st ground around and it sure isn’t this time.

I know the fight that you need to put into this journey.
The fight that you need to see the results.
The fight that you need to be your own cheerleader.
The fight that you need to overcome the struggles.

It’s the fight that gets you to that place…..whatever it is as “That Place” is different for everyone.

So I’m sharing this with you today in hopes that wherever you are……
whatever walk you’re on……
whatever your goals are……


FIGHT for YOU because no matter how much others love us and support us it’s YOU that has to fight.
YOU that needs to overcome the negative talk and challenges.  
YOU that needs to push.
YOU that has the FIGHT that will help you succeeded.





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