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What My Second Child Has Taught Me

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I’ve lived a lot of life in my 33 years on this beautiful planet.
The kind of life that teaches you a lot of lessons and builds character.

I’ve traveled locally and internationally.
I’ve lived in another country.
I’ve worked several odd end jobs.
I ran my own business for 7 years.
Helped my hubby open a restaurant.
Experienced plenty of heartache.
I’ve done my fair share of soul searching.

But you know who taught me more than all of these things combined?



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My 1st son taught me a lot about myself.
Who I am as a person.
What’s important to me in my relationships with family and friends.
How strong I am.
How amazing my husband is. I already knew that of course which is why I married him but Weston gave me a nice little refresher course.
He showed me that power of positivity and smiles even when you’re not feeling it.
He taught me about love. Love in the most beautiful selfless form. Love that’s all consuming and makes your world flip upside down.

He made me a mama.
A role that fits so perfectly in my heart.

He’s taught me so much in just 2 years but man oh mighty I still have so much more to learn!


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My second little guy, my youngest came into the world with a whole new bag of lessons wrapped up in a bunch of pretty packages just for me!

When Carson was born he brought on so much freedom, “Mama Freedom” as I like to call it!
Don’t get me wrong.
I’m not saying freedom in the since of time or responsibilities.
Yeah nope not at all but more freedom “Mama Freedom”  from all the stress we put on ourselves as new parents.

Is he breathing? Oh the countless checks I did throughout the night with my 1st?
Is he hitting all his milestones on time? Shouldn’t he be crawling by now?
Are we using the best lotions and potions for his skin type?
Should I be holding him more? Humm maybe less? No no definitely more!
How is his weight? Is he eating enough? What type of food should we feed him?

My eye is twitching just typing this!

Nope with Carson it takes me a few seconds to remember how old he is. I use bath products that I feel work well but don’t cost a small fortune. I haven’t started him on cloth diapers like we did with our first purely out of laziness. We feed him whole foods but gosh darn it juice (FROM A BOX) and baby food (IN THE POUCH FORM) make it into our day. Sometimes he even sneaks in a few bites of dog food. And the list goes one!

You know what?

It’s all okay. It’s all going to be okay! He’s healthy, he’s thriving, and loved oh goodness is he loved.


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Yep this sweet little pea of ours brought on some much welcomed mama freedom and taught me not to stress of every little thing.

It’s alllll good…..usually!

Weston (my 1st) refreshed my memory of how awesome my hubby is but Carson taught my husband and I how to work as a team.
At meals and bedtime we divide and conquer!
When one parent is sick the other steps in and takes over.
When one of us is handling a meltdown the other parent steps in for support!
Need a moment to breath? Call in some backup!

Teamwork man! It’s what’s up and Carson taught us just how important it is!

Both of my boys had colic but Caron’s colic was a whole different ball game.
I couldn’t just put him in a car and drive for hours on end like I did with Weston.
I couldn’t walk the house bouncing him the whole day.
I had another child that needed my attention as well.
This is when Carson decided it was time to teach me the lesson of creating calm within a storm.

This is a lesson I tap into daily!

Everything is a challenge when you have 2 under 2.
Getting a second to shower, going to the potty, eating, getting dressed, getting out the door and on and on annnnnnnd on.

I now have 2 kids I have to juggle during all these mundane tasks both who need me and both who need me in different ways.

I swear they have a talk before we head out of the house to see who’s turn it is to melt down.
Oh yes and they wait to unleash the meltdown until I’m loaded down with bags frantically trying to put shoes on everyone.

Things are crazy and when they get crazy I’ve learned to switch into survival mode and remain calm while the storm is kicking up around me!
“Oh you’re going to flip out because I said you’ve had enough juice? That’s cool! You have at it. I’ll just use this time to get some laundry folded mmmk?”
It works! I remain calm they get to have their moment and we reconvene when we’re all in a much better state to deal with the issue!


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Oh yes and love.
Carson has taught me about love too!
Just when you think your heart is full. Like there couldn’t possibly be room for more Carson was born!
He took all that love I was already feeling and amplified it!

Love for my husband who is an amazing father and support.
Love for those around us who and pour into us when we’re weak.
Love for myself and who I’ve become as a mama, wife, friend.
Love for my oldest as I watch him bloom into an amazing big brother

and of course….
Love for him. This new little soul that we’ve been blessed with.
He’s rocked our world but he’s brought us all together and made us work better as a family.
He’s made our home even more homier and fills it with the most beautiful baby giggles!

Even though the season we’re is rough at times it’s full of important lessons taught by our littlest stinkers.
Their lessons have broken me down and built me back up into a person I’m proud of!
For that I am forever grateful!

Who would have thought that children would be the ones teaching adults about life?
Come to find out their pure innocent souls have so many lessons to share all you need to do it just observe and learn.
I’m only 3 years into the whole parenting gig and I feel that I’m constantly learning from my boys which tells me they still have some pretty big lessons in store for their mama!


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  • Debbie - Wonderful post Kendra! It is so true and you worded it perfectly! ReplyCancel

  • Kim Fry - Love this post, so true and straight from your heart!! I had 2 under 2 at one time (mine are 15 months apart) and it was difficult at times but so rewarding!! Mine are now about to be 12 and 13, OMG, I cannot believe it!! As they say the days are long, but the years are short…I am finding that to be so true!! Hugs to you, Kendra!!ReplyCancel

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