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Weekend Roundup & Your Opinion Please

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Our weekend started off with an anniversary celebration thanks to my Mother-In-Law and some good planning on Kent’s end!

During the week I brought up the idea of dropping the boys off at my mother-in-law’s coming back home ordering take out and watching a movie.

I know sounds super romantic, right?

Things have been so busy the last few months the idea of having a kid free night at home sounded kind of amazing but being the good hubby Kent is he knew low key and quiet was in order for our date.
When I brought up my idea of staying in he assured me he found something that would deliver exactly what we were looking for.

When you’ve been together as long as we have (14 years) you kind of get over the whole idea of getting dolled up and having dinner at some happening place where you can’t hear what each other.

Or maybe that’s just us?
We’re no longer young whipper snappers.
Maybe we’ll get back to that “cool couple” place when our boys are older.
Hummm nah probably not.

The boys are loud and our lives are busy.
When it’s time for a little date night we want nothing more than to have some quite time together to chill.

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Sip and Savor in Plano, TX

Kent made reservations at this quaint Victorian home turned restaurant.
He was right it was exactly what we were hoping for……..

The staff was warm and inviting.
They didn’t rush us through our meal to make room for other patrons.
The food was delicious (I ordered the fillet with herb butter sooooo good).
It was calm and quite.
We were able to connect and chat without screaming over the table at each other.
It was just all around a charming experience and a wonderful place to reconnect and celebrate our love.


We woke on Saturday ready to hit some trails with our mini hikers!

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I’ve recently received a few emails from local readers asking about the trails we visit.

It’s hard to find sweet hiking spots in the Dallas/Ft Worth area so I was happy to share the hiking love and replied with an app that we use (Alltrails this links to their site but you can also download the app and use it in any state to find local to you hiking trails) as well as a couple links to some of our favorite hiking spots.

During my link hunt I was reminded of a few tails we haven’t visited in years as well as a few new to us spots.

We have to get those hikes in before the TX heat slaps us in the face so I’m pumped to have a new spots to visit this spring.

We’re even talking about making a day of it and visiting some tails that are little father out.

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Carson took his 1st few steps last week and hiked his 1st trail on Saturday (I shared a little clip of him walking the trail on our Instragram page if you want to check it out)!
As you can see he was pretty pumped about it!

Meanwhile I was a blubbering mess.
Of course thrilled that he’s growing and meeting milestones.

It’s just one of those weird bitter sweet moments.

When Weston turned one I was already pregnant with Carson so I knew I would have another baby in the house.
I’m not really sure what the future holds for us.
We hope to have one more little Huie join the family but we won’t be talking about it for a couple of years and who knows what life will look like then.

So even though I’m grateful as all get out that he’s healthy and thriving I’ve been a tad emotional about his 1st birthday approaching.

On top Carson growing like a weed Weston is no longer in a crib, asking all kinds of why this and why that questions and uses words like “Cool” and “Awesome” which for some reason in my mind makes him seem 10 years older than he is.

I almost lost it in Target when he picked up a toy and said “Oh man this is so awesome!”

Get ready for some sappy sentimental mama post over the next few weeks.
With Carsie’s 1st birthday approaching the sappiness is bound to happen.


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After our hike we headed to Whole Foods for a patio lunch; another one of our favorite spring activities!

Carson is in LOVE with these car shopping cart things.

Seriously the second he sees one he starts squirming to get out of my arms not matter how far away we are from it.
It’s like magnet pulling him in.

We gathered some goodies from the deli and decided to skip the highchair for little dude and let him enjoy his lunch from his yellow race car.

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Carson is not a fan of sitting in one place for too long but he was content right where he was so we hung out on the patio for a while.
Weston made a couple of buddies (seriously he makes friends everywhere we go) and had fun feeding the birds.

The boys were happy, we were happy, so we stayed put for a couple hours and enjoyed them and the weather!

Yep Saturday was pretty awesome!

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I’m finally staring to decorate our back patio.
It’s a work in progress but we’ve been enjoying hanging back there lately.

We have plans to add some drop cloth curtains, lights, and I need to get some flowers planted but it’s starting to come together.
Once I get the space finished up a little more I’ll share a blog post with links and better quality photos!

Something else we’re enjoying during our back patio time………

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Cute baby Robins!
Their mama works so hard for them all day going back and forth bringing them bugs and worms.
It’s pretty precious to watch.

We also have a mama Drove currently sitting on her eggs waiting for them to hatch.

Spring has sprung friends!


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On Sunday we got ready and headed out for an Ikea run!

Carson had other plans though and decided to pass out as soon as we got in the car.

He looked so comfy so we decided to take a little Sunday drive in the countryside and nix the Ikea plans.
I mean who really wants to go to Ikea on a weekend anyway.

It’s a mad house so maybe Carson knew what he was doing after all!

Carson slept.
Weston pointed out every truck and tractor he saw.
Kent pulled over so I could snap a few flower photos.
We said hello to the cows.
And Kent and I daydreamed about buying land full of trees and building our dream home.

Ya know they typical stuff that Sunday drives are made of!

It was a nice relaxing weekend!

-Now I’d Love to Pick Your Brain for a Second-

I’ve mentioned at the end of my last few post that our posting scheduling will be changing once my Mother-In-Law is back in town.

She’s home and we’re settling into our new routine.
I’ve been thinking on what I want to do with the blog now that things are somewhat back to normal.

Here’s what I would LOVE to hear from you in your comment!!!!!

  1. Do you enjoy a posting schedule so you know to expect content from me on certain days or does it not really matter to you when or how often we post?
  2. Are you enjoying the weekly vlogs mixed in with a roundup post from the weekend or are vlogs not your jam?Maybe only a roundup post and no vlog like this one?
  3. Do you check in with our blog weekly or here and there as you think about it?

I hope to come up with a plan that not only works for us but keeps you happy and visiting our little space on the web. I care about what you think so I would love to know your honest thoughts on the questions above.

This blog of ours is one of my goals this year and I’m hoping to continue to share content that our little community we have here enjoys!

Brownie points for those who take the time to comment and share their thoughts on the questions above!

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  • Kelsey - Hey Kendra! Love your back patio area. I too need to work on decorating mine. Be proud of yourself, because you have way cuter furniture and cushions than I do!

    I like it that you have a set schedule for the blog. I often am so caught up in home duties, work duties, etc so knowing when you will post helps me remember to come back and read!

    Also, I LOVE the mixture of vlogs and blogs. When you read a persons blog you put your own “reader voice” on it. Seeing you and hearing you narrate takes it to a new level. So please keep the vlogs!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - I love your vlogs❤️
    Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me when you post, I follow your facebook page so that is how I am notified of a new blog post. You do you Kendra, whatever works well for you & your familyReplyCancel

  • Macey - I love reading your blog and will take it whenever in can get it. I haven’t had a lot of time to watch the blogs though. I do check the FB page to see of you’ve posted about once a week.ReplyCancel

  • Kiersten - Hey Kendra! I really enjoy reading your blog and especially love the vlogs. Those are my favorite. I am subscribed so it doesn’t matter to me if you have a set schedule or not. I get an email that you’ve posted and it’s like Christmas morning I think that if you do a schedule that’s right for you, you’ll be able to put what you want into it and people will see that and they will love it. Love you Kendra!ReplyCancel

  • Hillari - Hey Kendra!! Thanks for the tip on the hiking app! We live north of Denver and there are SO many trails, it’s nice to see them all listed, makes it easier to change things up without too much hassle! I love reading your blog when I get a few minutes to myself.. I like the schedule because I know when there will be a new post to come check out! I like the vlogs added in to mix it up, but I also like the round up style too. Excited to see more of your back patio!ReplyCancel

  • Linnea - I love the mixture of both blogs and vlogs!
    Also, I check in every day or so when I’m checking out the blogs I follow, so it doesn’t matter to be if there is a schedule or not… Do what works best with your time and schedule!
    I miss you on scope, I haven’t been able to catch any live lately 🙁ReplyCancel

  • Tristina - I love to read the blogs & watch the vlogs…I check in when I can, and catch up on them when I get a moment…I have a little Huie marathon every couple of weeks 😉 thank you for sharing your life with us & keeping it real!!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - Well as you know this is how I get to see the boys grow up…which is very important to me. I enjoy the Vlogs and the blogs both. But I also understand that being a wife and a mom is full time..so I am just HAPPY for watching yall through pictures or video. I say do what your schedule allows you to do. I love all things you do but my favorite are the vlogs of my sweet great nephews!!!ReplyCancel

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