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Weekend RoundUp – Broken Bow Cabin Edition

On a whim we decided to book a little weekend getaway for my mother-in-law as a way to say thank you for all that she’s does for us.

Honestly there is no way we can ever repay her for what a huge support and help she is to our little family but a weekend in a cabin tucked amongst the trees never hurt anyone!

Am I right?

She had such a great time during our fall Broken Bow trip and has been talking about it since we got back so we figured a spring visit would be a nice treat.

Problem was so did everyone else.

We visit cabins often.
It’s kind of our thing.

In all my years of cabin hunting I’ve never seen such a busy cabin season as what I saw when I was trying to find us something to book this time around.
So if you ever plan to visit Oklahoma towards the end of May through June you best book that sweet spot FAR in advance friends!


Anyway after lots of hunting and digging we lucked out and found this pretty.
Her name is Honey Hole (which I was told is also the name of some TV character but for a cabin I think it’s real nice).

She has some major curb appeal doesn’t she?

I’ll be checking in with a cabin tour vlog, our thoughts on the place, and how you can stay at the Honey Hole in a separate post next week but for now let’s just chat about our weekend away, mmmk!

5. Broken Bow OK Honey Hole cabin hangingwiththehuies.com

Here area a few highlights from our trip!
– Being surrounded by trees.
– Shockingly amazing weather for late spring. I was expecting heat and humidity but there was none of that.
– Meals on the porch
– Our family walk to check out the surrounding cabins. Which was cut short by someone with a name that rhymes with Bestin needing a potty break. A potty break that requires a real potty unless you want to dig a hole.
– Drives through the forest while the boys napped.
– Fresh whipped cream and berries. One of Carson’s highlights too (see our VLOG below).
– Watching Brady run free. He loves to be outside running wild. He legit smiles the whole time when we take him on one of these trips. Yes dogs can smile!
– Eating pizza without feeling guilty. Okay maybe there was a tiny bit of guilt but not near as much as if I had eaten it back home.
– Sleeping in
– Beautiful wild flowers scattered in every direction.
– Stopping to watch the boys play. No laundry to do no messy house to pick up. It was just us and them and lots of free time.
– The way Carson would lay on his belly and scoot backwards slowly towards the porch stairs to go down them. Safety First!
– Hot tub time with the hubby. Don’t worry guys we kept it PG maybe even G. It was nice to get in after the boys were in bed and just chat.
-Watching Weston’s love for the outdoors. He wanted nothing to do with being inside the cabin and I don’t blame him!
– Smelling like a fire pit. It’s a requirement on a trip like this!

Now onto some pictures from our trip!
I’m proud of myself for actually pulling out my DSLR!

Phone snaps while handy just don’t compare to my love for capturing memories with my DSLR!

5. Broken Bow OK Honey Hole hangingwiththehuies.com


2. Broken Bow OK Cabin honey hole hangingwiththehuies.com

The playground was their jam!
Brady (our pup) even went down the slide a few times.

Kent and I saw it as a death trap and split up to man the opened sides of the fort while the kids played.

1 Broken Bow OK cabin honey hole hangingwiththehuies.com

Here she is!
The best Mother-in-Law in the whole wide world.
I never take for granted how lucky I am to have such a great relationship with my in-laws.

On a side note: I love taking her picture.
She’s not afraid to just be in the moment while I have my camera in her face.
What I’m able to capture because of this is pure love and happiness.

6. Broken Bow OK honey hole cabin hangingwiththehuies.com


7. Broken Bow OK Honey Hole cabin hangingwiththehuies.com

Ugh you guys those little legs and his 1st pair of tennis shoes…..I just can’t!

8. Broken Bow OK Honey Hole cabin hangingwiththehuies.com

Fish lips and pillow cheeks are drawn to each other!
It’s a proven fact!

4. Broken Bow OK cabin Honey Hole hangingwiththehuies.com

Cabin hair don’t care.

I couldn’t find their comb on the last day of our trip and Weston is the King of sweet sweeeeet bed head!
After getting tired of seeing his mane flapping in the wind I legit fixed it dingle hopper style.
Ariel knows her stuff because it worked!
It’s a good thing I fixed it!
We ended up pulling over for an impromptu photo shoot with the boys on the way home (I’ll be sharing the images with you in a later post).

So thanks for the tip Ariel!
I would also love to know how you keep those ta-ta shells from falling down while you’re swimming?

3. Broken Bow OK cabin Honey Hole hangingwiththehuies.com

The boys were all about the massive porch and plethora of rocks.
Their little legs and hands were constantly covered in rock dust just as they should be on a trip like this!
Ps…. Look at those awesome squatting skills!

Annnnnd now onto the VLOG. It’s short (compared to last week’s vlog) and sweet but full of some our favorite moments from the weekend!
To view directly via YouTube click HERE.

Links to stuff cause I know you’ll ask!
Carson’s Windbreaker was a gift from my dad and step-mom for our upcoming Alaskan cruise. Weston has a matching one! She purchased them at Target.
Carson’s Shoes are Carter’s Every Step Stage 3 and were purchased via Amazon Prime. They’re great for early walkers and fit his chubby wide feet well!
Weston’s Shoes were another Amazon Prime purchase. They’re the Saucony Boys’ Jazz Lite Sneaker They’re light just like the name says and I love how they have a tiny pop of fun color.
Cabin Tour/Review from our last stay in Broken Bow, Oklahoma
– Photos and Post from our last trip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma

I’ll be back next week with a cabin tour VLOG and our review on the Honey Hole!

If you like seeing our cabin tours and reviews on the cabins we stay in please let me know in your comment below.
I get asked to share our cabin tours/reviews often but I’m interested in seeing just how popular they actually are!




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  • KARYN - I love seeing your cabin reviews 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - What a cute little cabin! Sounds like an amazing weekend. I just can’t get enough of chubby baby legs in shorts and tennis shoes! I put Addy in them every chance I get.ReplyCancel

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