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Walmart Spring Style

If you’re like me you’ve got your eyes peeled for all things spring! The trees are budding (in Texas at least), the light is starting to make that pretty spring shift and I’m feeling the need to freshen up a few things…..my spring wardrobe included!

The last few years Walmart has really stepped up their clothing game and has come out with some affordable pieces that are downright pretty! Oh and don’t even get me started on my love for their accessories. Those who follow along on Snap Chat (Kendra_Huie) hear allllllll about the pretty jewelry I find there!

I usually pop into Walmart at the beginning of a new season to pick up a few layering pieces I can pair with other items in my wardrobe.

In the fall/winter I LOVE their leggings, flannels and tunics.

In the spring I snag there flowy tees, tank tops, thin cardigans and chambray shirts.

They do these things well!

Above I’ve put together a little style board with a few piece that I’m digging at the moment. While it’s packed with pretty items I really feel that it does not fully do Walmart justices. I tried to pick items that were available online so you can purchase them if you like but if you have a chance I highly recommend going in store to shop. A lot of things are sold out online but still available in store. I also feel like there’s a better selection as not all items sold in store make it to their website.  If nothing else you have to go in to check out their accessories which they do not offer on line. The prices are awesome and you can get some really pretty pieces!

Here are a few tips and things I do during my seasonal Walmart clothing run!

  • I love to go kid free on a slow day (when possible). That way I have time to look around and take everything in. Even better if you can grab a gal pal and make an outing out of it (I’ll tell you why in my next tip).
  • Each Walmart carries different items. For the most part they have the same pieces but each location varies enough to make me want to pop in a few locations when I do my seasonal clothing shop. Call a buddy grab some dinner and have fun night out shopping together as you visit a few different locations!
  • I usually make a couple swoops through to be sure that I didn’t miss anything. They have a lot of stuff and sometimes things are not placed in the most organized fashion. A couple of walk throughs will keep you from missing out on that cute top you didn’t see the first time around.
  • Their sizing is ALL over the place so keep that in mind when you’re shopping.
  • I almost always size up in tees for that baggie look I like.
  • You have to go early in the season to get the cute stuff before it’s picked over. Once its gone, its gone!
  • Don’t forget to check out their purses, accessorizes and shoes while you’re in there. If you’re new to Walmart’s accessories you’re in for a real treat!
  • I’m mainly focusing on woman’s fashion today’s post but if you have kiddos the children’s department is worth a visit as well. I get a lot of my boy’s summer play clothes from Walmart and y’all I’m super picky about what my boys wear.

If you make it out to Walmart and snag some cute Spring pieces I would love to see what you find! Tag me Instagram or come over and share in our Facebook group!

I’ll be carrying on this conversation over in our Facebook group Hanging With the Huies Friends. We would love to have you join us over there!
It’s a great place to further connect with the wonderful community of women we have around this blog of ours. 🙂



  • Kelsey - I’m loving those off the shoulder tops you picked!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay L - I need to go find 1, 2 and 7!!!ReplyCancel

  • Merissa - I just bought this a few days ago at Walmart. They were out of it in my store but I did the order online and pickup in store option. I saw it on an instagram account I follow called whoawaitwalmart. They show all kinds of great deals they find at walmart and they started their own line of cothing call whoawaitwalmart and it is now sold there!

    The vest is super cute and lightweight so it will be perfect for spring.


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