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VLOG – Spring Clothes, New Gym and Happy Toes

Goodness gracious y’all what is with this weather?
I mean I can’t complain it’s been amazing but we really haven’t had much of a winter in TX.
As I type this I can see our trees blooming outside of our window birds are chirping and I wore flip-flops yesterday flip-flops in February that’s nuts!

We had another weekend of amazing weather but the dang sickness cloud that’s been hanging over our family struck again on Saturday this time I was the victim.
We had plans to go on a family hike but instead I was in bed most of the day and Kent held down the fort.

Seriously what is up! 1st 2 colds back to back, then RSV, then Roseola, and now a stomach bug. I think we’ve hit our virus max for the year. Please tell me there’s a max! There is right?

Thankfully I was feeling good on Sunday so we were able to get out and enjoy the weather and of course we took you guys along!

To watch this week’s vlog directly via YouTube click HERE

After our walk we headed back home.
I put Carson down for the night and we gathered around the fire pit! I’m pretty sure all amazing outdoor adventures end with a fire pit!
At least they do in my book!

I jumped on Periscope (Kendra_Huie) and invited y’all over to join us around the fire. The scope will be live until this evening.




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