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VLOG – My 2 Year Old Does My Makeup



Monday’s are typically our family Vlog days on the ole blog but I did something kind of dumb……..

On Sunday we got out of the house and on our way to get our day going.
I went to start our vlog off and guess what?

When I turned the camera on it said “NO MEMORY CARD” UGH!

I left it in our gosh darn computer.
I knew right where it was the second I saw I saw the message.

We were already out  for the day and there was no way I was going to ask Kent to turn around for it.

What does all this mean?
Well it means no vlog today……ish

I say ish because I couldn’t let Monday come and go without keeping up with our posting schedule.
We’ve got a good thing going so I thought of a fix!

We’ll get to that in a bit.

We got home later in the evening and I tried to come up with some type of a vlog for today.
I recorded a before and after van clean out and I sat on the couch with you guys and just had a nice long chat after the boys were in bed buuuuut I didn’t notice that the camera stopped recording half way through our chat until I was done talking double UGH!

I took all of this bad vlogging mojo as a sign to throw in the towel for the weekend and not worry about getting a vlog up.

Who really wants to see me clean out my van and chat about all things random anyways, right?

I do have something I’ve been meaning to share with you guys and it’s way more entertaining than watching a tired mama clean her van!
Instead of a family vlog this week here’s a sweet clip of Weston aka makeup artist extraordinaire!

To watch via YouTube click HERE

See cute right?
You’re welcome that I did you a solid and saved you from what I was going to post for this week’s vlog!

I promise I’ll be a better vlogger and actually remember the key element to my camera this weekend!
I better because it’s Easter weekend aka tons of cuteness will need to be documented!

To all my Periscope buddies,
I’m missing you guys!
I’ll be checking in this week to get y’all all caught up on what’s been going on!

Everything is good in the hood I just took an unintentional break from scoping last week.
So many of you have been so sweet to send me emails and DMs on Insta to check on me.
What a beautiful little community we have here!
I wish I could hug all of your necks! 

See you guys on Wednesday! I’ll be back with my “Spring Essential” post!




  • Laney Stogsdill - I loved it! Sometimes it’s nice to just let them be little. I get so wrapped up in schedules and I forget to stop and just let my little people play and have fun. I need to take “no” out of my vocabulary every once in a while and just “go with it “.
    Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

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