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VLOG: Kent’s 40th aka Food Coma

So this weekend was supposed to be all about Kent but he surprised me with something pretty sweet! I’m going to make y’all watch this week’s vlog to see what he surprised me with!

Y’all my tummy could not hang with Kent! SO.MUCH.MEAT! 

He only turns 40 once so I decided to put my Whole30 diet on hold for the weekend so he could pick restaurants freely without worrying if there was something I could eat. All of his favorites are some of my favorites as well but the boy LOVES meat so that’s pretty much all he ordered for 3 days straight. I was so excited to see those Asian greens at our last birthday meal on Sunday!

I’m happy to repot that I didn’t gain back any of the weight I had lost  over the weekend which I was for sure would happen. 1 week into the Whole30 and I’m down 3 pounds yahoo! 

Annnd about the surprise…….Eeekkk I’m so excited! It was a last minute thing and something I didn’t think was going to happen this year so I‘m even more pumped than I usually get!

Of course I’ll be taking you guys along with us! I’ll be vlogging while we’re there and sharing photos during our trip with all my Instagram pals! My dream job is to be a travel host and this is about as close as I’m going to get so I LOVE to share our vacations with you!

I’ll be back Friday with a post that is one of my most requested……..

How I style my naturally curly hair! I’ll have links to products and tips!

See y’all then!




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