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VLOG: It Was A Good Weekend

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It was a good weekend full of downtime time, getting some things crossed off our to-do list, sweet baby smiles, and a few meltdowns #reallife happening in this week’s vlog!

We’re all on the mend and I’m excited to get back into the swing of things this week. Although my mother-in-law’s 2 month trip to China is quickly approaching and the feeling to get my life in order before she leaves is weighing on me something fierce. My boys are a full time job and they do not like when your attention is divided. Nope, Carson will make sure that doesn’t happen. When it’s me and them I spend my day making sure Carson isn’t getting into trouble (he’s in the what I like to call “Danger Zone” phase oh and also the “Thou Shall Never Put Me Down” phase) while juggling him I also have sweet Weston to take care of who has started to take a liking to meltdowns. Lots of training and tough love going on in our house right now. Before I know it it’s 7pm our house is wrecked and we’re still in our PJs. That’s life with 2 under 2….fun, wacky, and one big ole mess!

My Mother-in-law sweetly helps with them some during the week so I can have time to  shower, clean the house, and catch up on laundry. It’s a major blessing and we’re so very grateful for her love! Before she heads out I’m hoping to get meals prepped, laundry caught up, and the house a bit more organized so I’m not a complete stressed out nut while she’s gone. On the flip side I’ve hired a mother’s helper sort to sit with the boys a couple hours a week so I can take care of household chores. She starts this week and I so hope it all works out aka she can candle all our crazy!

Speaking of crazy let’s watch this week’s vlog!

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While I put on my big girl panties this week and prepare to be thrown to the wolves (I’m totally being dramatic y’all) I need to spend what free time I do have getting us all caught up from being sick and ready to face hurricane Weston-Carsie-Bear! I’ll still be blogging this week as we finish out our last week of Bloguary but I’m cutting it down to 3 post verses the 5 I was doing in the past. This week you can expect a post on Monday (today’s post), Wednesday, and Friday will finish out Bloguary!

What Happens Once Bloguary is Over:  After this week we’ll be getting back into our typical blog routine but I’m test something out. Since y’all are enjoying the vlogs so much I’m going to keep up with our Monday vlog post (if it goes well) and a blog post on Wednesday. Sooooo after Bloguary you can expect new content from us each Monday and Wednesday that’s cool, right?

I’ll see you back here on Wednesday!



  • Kathleen - Just detain your mil! Keep her hostageReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Oh gosh hahah! We sure are going to miss her but she’ll be visiting friends and family while she’s away so it’s a good trip!ReplyCancel

  • Kelsey - Oh my gosh, I totally melted when Carson woke up! His beautiful smile made my heart flip. <3 Btw, I've also made monthly budgeting a goal this year. I started the envelope method last year for groceries, gas, and "other expenses" and loved it. My goal is to use that method every month and stick to it. Do you mind if I ask what method(s) you guys are using to stay on track with spending? I always love getting new ideas!ReplyCancel

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