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VLOG- How To Make A Baby Happy

Hi friends!

I was hoping I’d be checking in for our Monday post with new furniture to show you but I’ve got nothing but a crazy messy bedroom and a mattress on the floor.

I need to get my office and Weston’s bedroom ready for the furniture swapping.
We also need to part ways with Weston’s crib so the fact that we’re still waiting on our furniture is probably a good thing!

Even though I’m beyond excited to see it in person.

What we purchased was not on the showroom floor so we haven’t actually seen it.
I mean we’ve seen it but we haven’t actually SEEN it.
Ya feel me?

I bought a few things for Weston’s room and I’m still looking for our new bedding.

I really don’t want to settle.

We’ve gone so long without nice bedding I’m set on waiting until I find something that brings me joy.
Yes I know people say you can’t buy happiness but you know what?
Creating a space you feel relaxed and joyful in can totally bring you happiness and I’m so ready to get our room back to happy status!

The kids have taken over our bedroom.
Toys and random messes everywhere.
I still want it to be a place we can all collide but a no food in the bed rule (this one is for Weston) will be in place and the toys need to find a new more discrete home!

We’ve also had a mini fridge in our room for the last 3 years.
Such an eye sore but when your bedroom is on the second floor of your home and you’re pumping throughout the night a mini fridge in your room is genius!

I remember being so grateful for that thing after 2am pumping sessions!


coyuchi-organic-dobby-duvet-cover-shams-tangerine-oI LOVE this set from West Elm and they’re having a bedding sale right now buuuuuuut they only have this beauty available in a twin so boo!
So far this is the only set I’ve found that I’ve wanted to buy.
The hunt continues!

Now onto the weekend!




We did something on Saturday we don’t typically do especially when the weather is lovely!
We stayed home, played, cleaned, and just enjoyed being lazy around the house.

It was productive yet SUPER relaxing!

After our day of chilling at home come Sunday we were ready to get out and enjoy the weather!
We brought you guys along for a little Sunday adventuring!

To view via YouTube click HERE



Posting Schedule Change:
In April I’ll be changing our weekly posting schedule as I’m finding that I needing a little more time in-between posting days so I can create quality content and get a little ahead of my posting schedule!

The new schedule will be…..

Monday: Family Vlog & Roundup Post
Thursday: Blog post
(New schedule will not start until April)


I’ll see ya back here on Wednesday for a post requested by you guys….
“How I make Clean Eating Work For Me”





  • Kelsey - Thank you for showing which table disposables you use! Cora is at the stage where she wants to grab the plate off the table and throw it .

    Loved the vlog, as always. And Brady’s happy running in the creek around Weston made me smile!ReplyCancel

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