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Valentines Box Swap

Back by popular demand it’s time for our annual Valentine’s Box Swap!

All the info you need to participate is below! 

To keep shipping cost fair you must reside in the US. If you would like to participate but live outside the US let me know. If I have others interested that live in your area I’ll match you up!

Step 1 Register:  Let me know you want in through one of the options below. Be sure to include your email address if you register via social media or I won’t be able to get in touch with you.

Ways to register:

Shoot me an email at: domesticprincessintraining@gmail.com

-Leave a comment under this post (include your email address)

-Let me know via Instagram: Kendra_Huie or Facebook (include your email address)

Sign up closes Midnight cst on January 30, 2014. Once registration is closed, it’s closed!

Step 2 Spread the Word: Blog, Instagram, Tweet, Facebook, chi-chat with your gal pals. However you choose to share. I would love your help spreading the word! The more people that join in the more fun it will be! When sharing via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter be sure to use #valentinesboxswap so we can find each other!

Step 3 Who’s Your Buddy: On Saturday, February 2, 2014 I will email the name and address of your Snail Mail Love exchange buddy. You will not actually be swapping back and forth with the same person you’re assigned. You’ll be sending to the person you’re assigned and a different person will be sending you a package. This is great because you’ll be able to meet to 2 new friends instead of one. Once you have your buddies info get started on your card and Valentine’s package!

Step 4 Document The Journey: Take photos while you’re getting your craft on, shopping for your Valentine’s buddy, or even while you’re mailing your package and share them!!! Get creative and share the journey with us! Seeing the process is all part of the fun and a great way to connect with others that are participating! Share your photos via instagram or on my Facebook wall. I will pull some of my favorite photos to share on a later blog post. Don’t forget to use #valentinesboxswap so I can find your photos when posting!   


Step 5 Send Your Valentine’s Box: On or before Saturday, February 8th mail your package! This means your package should be on its way NO LATER THAN Saturday, February 8th! We want them on their way no later than the 8th so your buddy will have it by Valentine’s Day! If you can get your box out before the 8th even better!


Step 6 Receive & Document: Blog, Instagram, Tweet, Fcebook all about your Snail Mail Love package and your adventure with the swap. Sharing about your box and your experience participating in the Valentine’s Box Swap is part of the fun. Be sure and use #valentinesboxswap on Instagram and Twitter so we can all find each other! I’ll be selecting a few of my favorite photos to share in a blog post!

Snail Mail Love FAQs:

1. Do I need to have a blog to participate?

Nope everyone within the US blogger or not is invited to join in! If you live outside of the US read below
**I don’t live within the US can I  still participate?**
To keep shipping cost fair to everyone it’s best if you live within he US. With that being said I really hate leaving folks out. Here’s the fix! If you outside of the US but would like to participate shoot me an e-mail to let me know you want in and where you live. If we have another buddy enter that lives in your area I will match you up. I know there are several followers in Australia as well as UK and Canada sooooo it’s worth a try! If I’m able to find a match for you I will be in touch to let you know!

2. How much should I spend?

Let’s cap it at $20 which should include shipping cost. If you get creative you can put together an awesome package for very little! $20.00 is the cap but not a required amount to spend.

3. What should I Include in my Valentine’s Box?

This is up to you! The only thing that’s required is a crafted or purchased Valentine card and a few goodies to complete your Valentine’s Box. You can stalk (friendly stalk not cray-cray scary stalk) your buddy and see if they’re into anything in particular. Ideas:  chocolate, crafting supplies if your buddy is a crafter, a small candle, funky Valentines socks, coffee/tea/hot chocolate mix, funky mug, dish towel, vintage coolness, handcrafted goods, stationary, accessories, some of your favorite inexpensive items like chapstick or a small bottle of your favorite hand lotion. The possibilities are endless BUT be sure to keep shipping cost in mind!  Have fun with your Valentine card and putting together your package. I’m giving you plenty of time to get creative (if you choose) so be sure to start ASAP so it’s a fun experience and not something you have to rush through!

4. Is it a secret?

No, yes, nah,  ummm kind of? I want you to share, document,  and talk all about your journey. You just might not want to directly tag your buddy with a picture of their package saying something like "Hey So-and-So this is your gift."  that way they are surprised when they open their box. 

5. Is their an age limit?

Yes, you most be at least 21 to participate.

6. What if I don’t receive my assignment.

When you let me know you want in I will reply to confirm and ask for your mailing address. I’ll also send you a little mini questionnaire to fill out that will be passed onto your swap buddy.

If you do not hear back from me by 1/30 that means I did NOT receive your email,comment, or you did not include an email address for me to reach you at. Be sure to follow up. I wan to make sure that everyone that wants to participate gets in before the deadline!

Eeekkkk I know that’s a lot of info but aren’t you excited? I know I am! 

Here’s the Cliffs Notes Version:

Sign Up by 1/30 Once registration closes it’s closed!

Spread the word Blog, Fb, Instagram, Tweet, don’t forget to use #valentinesboxswap on your photos so we can find each other!

Receive your box swap buddy’s info on 2/1
Start gathering your goodies for your package and working on your card.
Have FUN and document the process!

Send your Valentine’s box on or before 2/8, the earlier the better!

Instagram, Blog, Fb, Tweet all about your journey! Be sure to use #valentinesboxswap so we can all enjoy your photos!




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