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To The Lady At the Gym


To the lady at the gym.
Oh hey there lady at the gym!
I see that you’re setting up for your class which starts in 45 minutes.

How did I know that?

Well you see I try to be a considerate person so I checked the class scheduled before I came in here to do my squats.
I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be disturbing a class.
I even picked a place way in the back and basically up against the wall just in case someone else wanted to come in to use room that way I wouldn’t be in their way ya know?

It’s a realllllllyyyyy big room as you can see.

It’s so funny that you’ve decided to set up your class equipment directly up my butt so much so that I can’t even do a squat without taking you out.
I’m actually kind of shocked that you find it socially acceptable to even be that close to a strangers butt.
BUUUUUT (pun intended) I’m starting to see that you have a plan.

Ooohhh so this is where you usually stand during your class…..
the class that starts in 45 min…..
the class that takes place in this very same room….
this MASSIVE room that no one is in besides us.

Okay okay I get now!
You’re claiming your spot before the class starts……..in 45 min.
I can see this is VERY important to you.
So important that you’re literally squeezing me out of the place I’ve been doing my leg workout in for the last 20 minutes most of which you were not in here for.

Sure sure sure let me pick up my plates, my free weights, my bar, my towel and move for you.
I would hate to keep you from claiming your coveted spot the very same spot that all the other invisible people are fighting you for.

Oh you’re leaving now.
You’re set up for your class, you’ve made someone move without even saying a word to them, and now your spot is secure so everything is checked off your list.

High 5 for that sister!

Oh you’re planning to do a little warm up before the class starts?
Hey that’s cool.
Most importantly you got your spot saved! Whew that must have been a close one for ya.

Go enjoy that warm up.
I’ll just be over here resetting all my weights so I can get back to my workout.
The one that you force me to stop because of the whole “Saving my Spot” thing.
That’s cool though. No biggie!

Lady at the gym……
I’ll see you again.
I have a feeling you’re a die hard in that class and I’m usually doing my leg workout in that very same room.
I’m surprised our paths haven’t crossed before.
If this happens again I will be saying something.
I may break out in hives and start sweating profusely when I say it but I’ll be saying something.

Be scared!
Oh and I wrote a blog post about you….
be double scared!

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Y’all this is a true story!

I had to pick up my bar and weights and move them because I zero room to do a squats.
In a massive workout room with only 2 people in it.

I passive aggressively said something.
She said nothing back and I’m still angry about all of it as you can tell.


I should have put up all her weights after she left to do her warm up!
But I’m nice and a chicken so I didn’t

Kent totally jumped on me for not standing up for myself and he’s right I should have.
He’s good about reminding me that I need to do that when I’m 100% not at fault and y’all I was not at fault.

I think I need to start a book titled “The Gym Mean Girls, True Stories”
This is not my only gym mean girl story.
I’ve yet to have a dude be rude to me at the gym. There’s even been a few times they’ve been super helpful but girls….
girls can be real meanies and so far it’s always the ones that are super fit.
Is that what happens?
You get a sweet toned body but have to sacrifice your compassion like it’s one or the other?

Forget the book!
I’m going to open my own gym!
Only nice people allowed.

Anyone else have a mean gym person story?
I say “person” because ya know I don’t want to offend the “Mean Gym Girls”
I’m sure there are mean gym guys too!

If you have a story do tell!!!!!

Or maybe we should be positive and share happy ones too. Yes yes positive gym stories are good too!




  • Cheryl Davis - UGH!! I am sorry these things keep happening to you. Why can’t people be considerate of others? Maybe she could have gotten her stuff out and just said “hey that is the spot I usually go to during the class that starts in 45 mins. Would you mind to put it in that spot when you are done.” No need to be rude!

    Imagine how many people don’t go back to the gym because of people like that and it is sad.ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Maybe it’s the area I’m in. Who knows? I’m taking glitter with me on Monday. If I see she again I’m going to glitter bomb her…..happiness and sunshine! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Joelle Brown - Okay….in the year and a half that I consistently went to the gym…heck yes!!! There are so many of these people!!! One pet peeve was when the elipticals were all taken and you are standing in the back kinda waiting to see who’s gonna leave and then someone will get off quick while you’re checking your email and they CLEARLY know you were waiting. But, my BIGGEST pet peeve is not cleaning the machines off. Now let me just say that I am not a sweater by nature, so I can finish at a machine and it’s bone dry, but I will still just give it a quick wipe at least where my skin touched. But seriously this happened…..I was on a machine and resting between reps….while taking a sip of water this guy in front of me put his hands IN HIS PANTS to make an adjustment and then got right back to it on his machine, that had handgrips. I was so appalled and feeling spunky that day, so when I was done, I went up to him and said, I’ve always thought that there was a chance that guys adjusted themselves without washing their hands and thank you for making me realize that I was right! I guess I need to also carry clorox wipes with my gym towel! EWWWWWW! LOLReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - That is disgusting. Oh my gosh sweaty man parts no no no! That’s awesome that you said something! What did he do when you said it? I would have loved to see his face.ReplyCancel

  • Andrea - Oh, I have some mean girl gym stories! But I might put my foot in my mouth when I say something to them. Opps! ;). Too which one girl tried to start a fight with me in the lobby area because I wasn’t checking in fast enough for her. She continued to look like a fool and got herself kicked out of the gym! Crazy women!!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - ANDREA no way. That’s just plain crazy. Now that is some story. Glad the employees had her leave. Did you ever see her at the gym again?ReplyCancel

  • Kendra Huie - Maybe it’s the area I’m in. Who knows? I’m taking glitter with me on Monday. If I see she again I’m going to glitter bomb her…..happiness and sunshine! 🙂ReplyCancel

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