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Thrifting Haul – Bloguary Day 12

I’ll be getting my thrift on A. LOT. over the next few weeks. So expect to see several “Thrift Store” hauls.

You’ve been warned!

In fact since recording this one I’ve recorded 2 others! I have a pretty big list of “Things to Thrift”  as we set up Carson’s nursery, a play room for the boys, and I decorate my office. All of which I hope to do with mostly thrifted items. I’m also working on getting Weston’s summer wardrobe built up and hope to find a few things I can wear while I’m trying to drop the baby weight! See a pretty big list and I don’t hate having things to hunt for!


I found some AWESOME goodies this trip and the prices were sweet! Can’t wait for you to see the adorable matching brother overalls!

See good stuff huh? Aren’t those prices awesome?

Since recording this Weston has broken in  his new Jacket, Oshkosh rust pants, and overalls. Ohhh overalls. I’d say a little boy in overalls rates right up there with my love for baby feet and chubby baby bums!



And here’s Brady with his new chew toy that I mentioned in the haul. He totally doesn’t look guilty. Honestly though I probably should thank him. I’ve always been on the fence about the shoes. They could be super ugly or adorable if you style them right but I mainly held onto them because they are so dang comfy. Kent hates them! I kind of see his point.

PS…..Yes my tree and Christmas décor has been taken down since I recorded this! Don’t fret my pet!

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