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Thrift Haul

Weston is officially a student and lucky me his pre-school is close to a thrift store.

Totally not planned but YIPPEE SKIPPY!

I recently popped in (kid free) and had a grand ole’ time digging through the treasures.
Before I knew it what I thought would be a “quick thrift store pop in” turned into a 2 hour shopping trip.

I mean when you’re kid free AND in a thrift store you really have to milk that time am I right?

Want to see what I scored?



We gave Weston the fire truck on his birthday.

He flipped!
Probably his favorite gift. Well that and the $1 dinosaur flyers I picked up at The Dollar Tree.
Cheap thrills eh?

Have you found anything awesome during a recent thrifting trip? If so I must know!



  • Kelsey - You found AWESOME finds!! I’m sitting here thinking “we don’t have that good of a selection at our goodwill!” But then I think to myself that I haven’t given ours much of a chance. So I will be doing some thrifting this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration! (And just in time for shopping for Christmas gifts for Cora. Because why pay full price for toys!)ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - FYI I couldn’t hear the air conditioner! You did a great job masking the sound! 😉 Also, the quality of your videos are awesome! Must be your new Vlogging camera!ReplyCancel

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