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The One Where I Ramble

I love to ramble

Let’s jump on in…..

Planners: Two years in a row I said I was done with Erin Condren planners and went a different direction. One year I actually tossed my new planner and went running back to Erin’s planner with my tail tucked between my legs. She’s good y’all reallllll good BUT I hate how expensive they are and I’m just kind of ready for something new ya know? So here we are again almost to the end of the year and I’m starting to think on what I want to do. Fork over the $50 for Erin’s planner goodness or give another company a try. Has she completely mastered the market?

Here are a few I’m thinking on:
Inkwell Press -  Not a cheaper option but I like the simplified look. I’m leaning towards this one but they are currently sold out POO! Hoping I can get one in Nov when they release more.
Day Designer – Another high end option. Oh these are lovely. They break down the days a little different than your typical planner, more of a list style. Y’all know I like my list!  This planner is more business geared which I’m not too sure that’s what I want this year.  
Create 365 Planner – Super cute! Love the cover options as well as the layout inside. It’s much more cost effective than other planners I’m thinking on ($24.14 and you can get it even cheaper at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon) and the line has tons of fun stickers and add ones you can use in the planner. BUT I’ve actually held this one in my hands and flipped through it and I’m not so sure the quality is there. I’m worried about it lasting throughout the year. You get what you pay for I guess.

I’m still not sure which way I’m going to go but if you have a favorite planner or use one of these let me know what you think! 

Hosting a Baby Shower: I’m hosting a baby shower for my BFF this weekend. She’s really more like my sister than a friend. I’m beyond excited to be able to do this for her as I love her so! I’m looking forward to celebrating my sweet nieces. YES she had twins, identical baby girls! They joined us a little earlier than planned but are growing and doing well.  It’s been a while since I’ve hosted an actual party and let me tell ya if you need to get your house in order throw a party. It works every stinking time! We cleaned out the garage. I started the boys’ play room. Organized all my photography props. Decorated my porch for fall and this list goes on. This is all running on very little sleep. Seeing how much I can get done on 4 hours of sleep with a baby who doesn’t want to be put down is showing me I can do way more than I thought! I’m not going to be able to finish everything before the shower but I’m going to keep the momentum going no sleep and all.

Pioneer Woman’s New Line at Walmart: Have you seen it? Ugh I stop and drool over the pieces each time I go in and I’m not the only one. I caught another lady doing the same thing. Of course I called her on it. We had a good chuckle then shared our love for Ree. The plates, the bowls, the glasses, the serving pieces stinking beautiful! Everyone is on a white kick these days. I’m so happy to see a stylish line that has some color to it. I would be over the moon to own her whole line! Yep it’s that pretty! I may add her stuff to my Christmas list this year.

We’re Moving: Well not us exactly but the blog is moving and y’all I am sooooo crazy excited to share all that will be going on with the blog. Nothing big will be happening until late December so you’ll still find me here for a couple months but just know that come Jan our little space on the interwebs will be be snazzy and the punctuation error in the header will be no longer! Y’all know I’m far from being a grammar or spelling queen but that flub done by my old designer kind of urks me. Be excited for the changes (better photo quality, a better platform for me to interact with you, awesome new design) I’m mixing our personal blog, my photographer work, and our DROOLZIES shop into one happy virtual house. It’s going to be lovely!

Periscope: Have you jumped on the bandwagon? Well you should. It’s fun like real fun! I love that I can jump on and easily share. There’s no editing that needs to be done and I’m crazy about the live chat feature. It’s awesome to be able to connect with others right then and there. So far I’ve shared tips for selecting clothing for fall photos (from a photographer’s point of view). We went shopping or cheap but funky pumpkins. We looked at Big Lots fall and Christmas décor (they have some cute stuff). I shared my 5 minute mama makeup routine. I’ve done a Stitch Fix haul and I’m starting a story time series. It’s more like a late night grab a beverage and let have a chat type of story time. It you want to be Periscope buddies you can find me under Kendra_Huie

I Love Fall: Don’t need to go into more detail about this one.

Annnnnd that is all for today’s ramble chit-chat! See you guys next Wednesday! 




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