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The One Where I Ramble About Many Things……

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I missed this week’s Wednesday post. We got back from our annual trip to Colorado Tuesday evening and I just didn’t have it in me to throw a post or vlog together. It’s okay to miss one week sometimes, right?

I’ll have a Colorado round up post on the blog soon! I have TONS to share!
I recorded a couple vlogs while we were there as well as a cabin tour and took tons of photos.

Okay now onto the rambling………

I was listing to the Pandora workout station during my workout today and I swear I heard a song with the lyrics “Hotter than a baby in a microwave”.
Ummm disturbing much?
Has anyone else heard this song? 
It could have been the lack of oxygen to my brain during my stair climbing session but I’m pretty sure that’s what the song said.

I’m thinking long and hard about getting into trail running.
Yes the girl who HAAAAATES to run and has bad knees but tail running sounds fun to me.
I blame CO and all its beautiful crunchiness.
It makes me want to hug trees and walk around in ugly sandals. 
It’s going to take some time to work up to it. Maybe a fitness goal?
I wrote it in on my focus list with a bunch of question marks around it.  
I’m deathly afraid of snakes and being attacked by stray dogs.
As long as the 2 go into hiding while I’m running we’ll be all good! Do they make steal toe running shoes?

I started reading a book this week.
I know I’m shocked too!
I passed buy it in the library. It had a hiking shoe on the cover which totally caught my eye (again blame my CO obsession). 
Why yes I do judge a book by its cover. Don’t lie you know you do too.  
I love the idea of reading but with self diagnosed ADD and sleep deprivation (blame the sweet infant of ours) reading has been pushed to the wayside (side note: I used to think it was waste side, totally made sense to me). Anyway I digress……..I’m the queen of starting and not finishing books. They have to be super awesome to keep my attention but like I said I love the idea of reading so I added “Read a Freaking Book” to my focus list. When I saw the hiking boot book (it’s called Wild) I went for it. Kent was very impressed to see me reading last night. So basically what I’m trying to say here is that reading makes you look good so if you’re not reading a book at the moment maybe you should add “Read a Freaking Book” to your focus list!

Joking aside
!!!!I need some good book suggestions!!!!

If you have a favorite lay it on me! Remember self diagnosed ADD here so it needs to be one that grabs your attention and holds on tight! Let me know your suggestions here or on Instagram!

Toddlers do this but no one warns you about it……..
They like to toot in public and they don’t care how many people are around. The SBDs (silent but deadly) ones are the most embarrassing because it could have totally been you that cut the cheese. We were at Nordstrom Rack shopping for shoes the other day. Weston and I were sitting on the floor trying on different shoes. There was a mother with her daughter right next to us and II  mean riiiight next to us. Perfect sniffing distance. Well Weston just let em’ rip. As soon as the smell from one went away he let another one out. I felt like I should apologize to the mom but if I did that it would have come off like I crop dusted but was blaming my kid so I said nothing and just laughed. Which I‘m sure made me look even more guilty. Weston laughed too but he had no idea why we were laughing. Oh to be so free.

While we were playing at the library which was quiet enough for all around to hear Weston lifted my maxi skirt up and said “Where’s your underwears mama?” Again I had to laugh. This kid! Thankfully I was wearing “underwears”

My work schedule is about to kick up and I’m a little nervous about it.
I’m officially off maternity leave in October. 
I tried really really hard to keep my fall shooting schedule to a minimal but there were just some shoots I could not turn down. Before I knew it I had doubled what I said I would take on.
It’s still a lighter load than I would typically shoot in the fall (high season for photographers) but I’m nervous.
With Carson getting up all night I just can’t pull those crazy work hours like I used to.
My MIL is an awesome support but she doesn’t love having both boys at the same time (I don’t blame her) so it’s going to be a challenge figuring out how to make it all work. 
I’m pumped to get back to shooting but it will be a challenging to figure out how to manage the boys, the house, my work load, oh and Droolzies (btw I’ll soon be running a massive sale to clear our innovatory as we restock for fall/winter be on the look out).
Good thing I love a challenge!
I’m sure it will work out just fine but please send coffee hugs. I’ll need them!

Halloween is coming up! As any mom with more than 1 kid would I’m looking forward to dressing my boys in themed costumes. They can hate me when they’re older! I motioned to Kent that I thought it would be cute to dress Weston as a fireman (he loves fire trucks) and dress Carson as a Dalmatian. Adorable right? Kent was shocked that I would even suggest that. He said “That’s not fair. You can’t make Carson Weston’s dog. Weston gets to be a fireman but Carson has to be a dog? NO WAY!” Ummm totally didn’t think of it like that and I still think it would be adorable. Don’t you?       

That’s enough rambling for today! Be sure to leave a book suggestion! 


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