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I did a little hunting this year and found my dream pumpkin patch! Well as close as I’m going to get to it in the DFW area.

Our typical pumpkin patches are flat plots of land with pumpkins thrown on it. No trees, no character, just pumpkins and a few attractions like petting zoo and such. They’re cute and serve a purpose but I’ve always hoped to find a sweet little patch nestled in a forest with lots of character. A place where the kids could run and explore….enter Blasé Family Farms

Nope not sponsored by them but I was so in love with this sweet little patch I had to share it with my fellow DFW readers. I honestly wanted to keep it my little secret because it just so special and surprisingly not swamped with people but sharing is caring my friends.

If you’re in the area I definitely recommend making a trip out. They have goats, sheep, and a long horn you can feed, Lots of land for the littles to explore, a tractor pulled hay ride that takes you on a tour of their property, a tractor train ride (super cute), lots of places set up for photos, picnic tables, and beautiful tall trees that not only add that fall charm that we all love but provide shade which is great because as you can see by looking at some of the outfits people are wearing good ole’ TX likes to hold onto summer weather for as long as possible. We got there when they opened at 10 and stayed until after 1pm. We took our time enjoying the farm and let Weston explore to his heart’s content. It was all around a beautiful day. We’ll definitely be going back in the spring to pick blueberries and again in the fall!     

Okay now on to the pictures!

IMG_6608 copy 3

IMG_6675 copy 2

IMG_6787 copy 3

IMG_6667 copy 4

IMG_6881-3 copy 2

IMG_6888 copy 3

IMG_6697 copy 2

IMG_6706 copy

IMG_6600 copy

IMG_6652 copy 8

IMG_6840 copy 3

IMG_6829 copy 2

IMG_6576 copy

Weston’s little buddy Lily made him a fall craft. Precious right?

These 2 have been buddies since they were in our bellies. We have so many precious photos of them together but my favorites are always the ones of Weston giving Lily some love and Lily giving him the cold shoulder…..they crack me up!

IMG_6577-Edit copy

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