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The night before Halloween we had a big family PJ party in our bed.
Weston and Kent noshed on popcorn while watching Tangled.
I sat next to them gluing rhinestones on Carsie Bear’s Elvis costume, and securing Weston’s tools to his tool belt.

Nothing fancy or extra special but stepping back and taking in that very mundane moment hit my mama heart hard.

I was right were I wanted to be.

It was the type of moment I dreamed of before becoming a mama.

Since having babies little random moments like this one creep up when I lest expect them and take my mama heart for a ride. I start thinking about how very blessed and grateful I am. How I’ve dreamed of being in this very same season that I’m in right now since I was a kid and here I am making Halloween costumes for the 2 little boys I was born to mother.

Yes it’s true even rhinestone and plastic toy tools can make a mama get sentimental and I’m proof my friends.

Seeing the boys in their Halloween costumes…..don’t even get me started!

Yes Halloween is all about fun and games BUT in my mind it’s a day that littles dress up and melt their parent’s hearts. Umm and I don’t only melt for my boys I melt when I see your kiddos in costume too. 

I mean seriously it’s just precious beyond words. Am I right?

IMG_7271 copy

We started our Halloween festivities off with a trip to the city square for a Halloween festival. It was a massive bust. Tons of people with long loooooong (I’m talking 70 pulse deep) lines of people waiting to trick-or-treat in the square stores.


We bumped into one of our friends who sweetly gave Weston a piece if their daughter’s candy and called it a day.

On the positive I got this super cute photo of Kent and Weston as we were leaving the festival.

SIDE NOTE: Pardon the gross factor but I think Kent looks so handsome when he had his dad hat on. My most favorite photos of him are one where he’s interacting with the boys.

Back on track!

I knew a good spot close by where I could snap a few cute photos of the boys in their Halloween costumes sans crazy crowds so we gathered the troops and headed that way.

Oh and my mom and her boyfriend came along to see the boys in their Halloween costumes so that was special.

These photos are another positive out of the whole poopy festival hoopla. They make my heart go pitter patter and I obviously had a hard time narrowing down which ones I wanted to share with you.

Oh yes there are more but these are my most favorite! 

IMG_7277 copy

IMG_7294o2 copy

IMG_7363 copy web

Isn’t he just the cuties little construction guy you’ve ever seen?

IMG_7322 copy

IMG_7354 copy

IMG_7333 copy

IMG_7344 copy

IMG_7398 copy

IMG_7424 copy

Ugh and this one of Carson aka Elvis…..I just cant!

IMG_7448 copy

I’ve been trying for 6 months to get a decent photo of them together and this is about as good as it gets. Weston pouting and Carson looking just as dreamy as ever but it’s real life so I’ll take it! 

IMG_7402 copy

IMG_7418-Edit copy

IMG_7471 copy

Trick-or-treating at Auntie Marsha’s house! I’m so very grateful that one of my best buddies lives across the street from me. Kind of special that Weston’s 1st house to trick-or-treat at was our hers.

IMG_7476 copy

IMG_7498 copy

IMG_7519 copy

IMG_7501 copy

And a quick little vlog of the boys in action. Weston’s sweet little voice when he says “Happy Halloween” melts me. Who and I kidding the cuteness factor of this holiday in general sent my sentimental mama heart into overdrive!




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