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The Day I Became a Mother……

I’ve done a lot of things in my life.
Lived in another country where I could not speak the language.
Worked many random jobs.
Changed career paths over and over.

All while trying to find my sweet spot.
The part of me that clicked. The place I knew I should be.

It wasn’t until I became a mother that I found “It”.
I searched for “It” for a long time. Never really knowing what “It” was. Not sure if I was heading down the right path. Wanting so badly to discover what was missing.

The moment Weston was laid in my arms everything fell into place and I knew at that very second that being a mother was the “It” I was searching for. 

Being a mother felt right.
Like a pair of old shoes perfectly formed for my big wonky feet.
My arms were made for my babies and Weston is the begging.

My precious boy.

The one who has taught me more about myself in 8 months than I’ve learned in my almost 32 years of life.
The one I am most grateful for. My best work. My best achievement.
The one that’s shaped my heart and made me a better person.
The one that brings a smile to my face during trying moments
The one that has done the unthinkable and turned my husband into a bowl of mush.

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day and all the beautiful woman that have given us life and made us who we are.

Today I also celebrate my husband and son for it is because of them that I’ve been blessed with my greatest joy. My “It”,  my perfect pair of shoes.


I leave you with a slide show of pictures from the day Weston was born. They are beautiful and something I will cherish for a lifetime. 


Happy Mother’s Day!

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