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The Christmas Post – Bloguary Day 3

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With Weston being obsessed with all things Christmas and a sweet baby brother on the way Christmas this year was extra special. It’s been YEARS since I’ve been pumped about the holidays. Too busy with work, too many obligations, too much to do, too many gifts to buy, and too many dollars out the door. I had become a real Scrooge during the holidays.

This year was massive change! I took time off work and made a huge effort to really focus on the joy of the season. I put a lot of thought into the gifts we gave. Took the time to think about each person as I addressed our holiday cards. Enjoyed wrapping gifts. I allowed myself to rest and enjoy our beautiful tree. We planned festive activities with family. I made sure I enjoyed the journey which sometimes is more fun than the destination! Weston definitely helped bring back that holiday twinkle we’ve been missing for so long!  

I think I can safely say this holiday season was my absolute favorite as an adult! I can’t even image how much sweeter it’s going to be next year with 2 babies! 

How We Celebrated This Year: We had 4 Christmas celebrations.
1. Dim Sum and gifts with Kent’s parents on Christmas Eve.
2. Our traditional Christmas morning breakfast and gifts with just us.
3. Dinner and gifts with my mom and family Christmas night.
4. Breakfast and gifts with my dad and step mom the day after Christmas.

All hosted at our home. Each one fun special in their own way.

I totally slacked on taking photos Christmas eve and with my family Christmas day but here are a few from Christmas morning (when we did gifts as a family) and the day after Christmas with my Dad and step mom.

1. Xmas 2015

Love our simply decorated Christmas tree! I can’t image going back to the perfect themed ornament packed tree I used to put up! No thanks!

We’ve recently added a fire pit to our backyard. Kent is all about little doodads for his fire pit. Oh gosh y’all the amount of wood he bought for the fire pit is nuts! It will take us years to burn through it. He said its “decoration” for our backyard. Mmmm okay Kenty-Poo whatever you say. I found an Etsy vendor out of Hawii that makes chemical free fire starters out of soy wax and macadamia nuts/shells. Kind of neat huh? That’s what Kent is holding in the photo above.

Kent spoiled me this year….majorly! I can do a gift haul if there is any interest in seeing what all I got but man oh mighty I must have been good this year. Above he surprised me with the Lorac Pro 2 makeup pallet. It’s beautiful and the pigment is great!  I’ve had lot of fun playing “makeup” the last week.

He also gave me some Sonia Kashuk lip gloss. I could not believe that he got those and picked them out all by himself. I asked for the Lorac pallet but the gloss was all him! I’ve been dying to try her line out but never said anything to him about it. He just happened to pick just the right thing and I love all the colors he chose! 

IMG_0081 copy

I love to play with makeup and well Kent loves to play in the kitchen so I guess you can say kitchen gadgets are like his makeup.

2. XMAS 2014

He got a Calphalon Knife set and a pressure cooker he’s been eyeing for a while along with a few other things.

IMG_0103 copy

Another shocker from the hubs! Lush bath balls! Kent despises Lush. He’s thinks it’s over priced and gimmicky and I do agree with him on some points BUT I sure do love their bath products! He’s always told me he would never buy me anything from Lush so when I opened this I was shocked! I know it took a lot for him to make the trip to the mall (another place he hates going) just to pick these out. Weston who loves to “mell” smell things enjoyed looking through all my yummy smelling bath goodies just as much as I did. “Mor-mor mell mama” More more smell mama.

IMG_0174 copy

I was so excited for Weston to open this one! He loves all the Blue Truck books. He has the 1st one, the Christmas book and now this one! When I saw a Little Blue truck twin toy at Sprouts (yes Sprouts of all places) I about had a panic attack. I was so exited! I had been on the hunt for Little Blue truck toys but only found a plush truck that was $40. No way sister, that’s nuts! It’s not Blue himself but its pretty dang close and it was only $3.00….swwwwweeeeeet!

IMG_0183 copy

The Vtech Touch & Teach Word Book is his most played with Christmas gift. I knew it would be a big hit. He’s nuts about books. We can read 10 in a row and he just eats it up! For a toddler that’s as active as he is it still shocks me that he’ll sit and listen to a story for as long he does. Books are his most favorite thing and have been for a while.

IMG_0212 copy

Annnnnd then the melt downs started. I think it was all a little overwhelming for him. He was ready for a nap 2 hours earlier than when we typically put him down.

When he’s not having it his mama’s boy tendencies go into over drive. Only mama all the time. My sweet boy. 

IMG_0200 copy

Just wanting to be held while his crazy photographer mama is busy snapping pictures of all the Christmas morning aftermath!

IMG_0224 copy

Later that night my family came over for dinner. Kent made an awesome pot roast. We ate, opened gifts. My mom and her boyfriend got Weston a cute blue motorized 4-wheeler, and enjoyed each other’s company.  I was busy hosting and taking care of Mr. Fussy pants. I didn’t snap 1 single photo of my family! Shame on me! It was a good time though!


IMG_0274 bnw copy

The day after Christmas my dad and step mom came over for breakfast. Love their smiles in this one! It was such a fun morning! We had a simple breakfast and just hung out. Nothing fancy, just us enjoying each other’s company. Weston, Kent, and I even stayed in our PJs. 


My dad and step mom gave Weston a 3-1 Y Glider Scooter. He’s playing with it in the photo below. He LOVES that thing. I should tape a book to it and he’d have the perfect toy!

IMG_0354bnw copy

Weston’s 2014 Santa Photo: For a boy that was obsessed with all things Santa for the last 3 months months, seriously “Santa ho ho ho” were the 1st words out of his mouth most mornings I would have never though we would have gotten this reaction from meeting the big man.

Being the mean mom I am I’m kind of glad it was!


I mean really guys how cute! Am I right?


Huies 2014 Christmas Card

We sure hope you had a lovely holiday season! This year was so much fun I can’t wait for next year!


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