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Summer Bucket List

Summer isn’t really my jam. We live in Texas aka HOT HOT HOT and y’all the heat and I aren’t really friends. We just kind of tolerate each other, you know what I mean? To get myself jazzed up for the scorching hot days coming our way I needed to create a little summer excitement.

Enter our summer bucket list!

I created a fall bucket list in the past. It was fun and I noticed the years that I made the time to craft a bucket list I was more focused to get that fun in. If it’s on the list it has to happen, right? Okay I’m not that strict about it. If it happens great, if not no big deal. The list just helps set the plan in motion and get my boys as well as myself excited for what’s to come.  I’m more apt to look into events around town and ways to keep us active and enjoying the season if I have a plan in place.

The boys and I set down with paper and crayons and created our list together. I made a rough draft while Weston drew a picture of the things we were adding to our list. Weston came up with some great ideas (Backyard Camp Out, Go to the Movies, See a Puppet Show, Trip to the Carnival) all in his own. He’s so very excited and keeps asking if it’s summer yet.

I wanted to share our list with you in hopes it gives you a few ideas to sprinkle a little fun into your summer!

I’ll be back next week with my summer bucket list! I have some fun things I’m excited about! I plan to sit down with the camera for that one so we can have a little chat while I go over my summer plans with you!

In the next few days I’ll be checking in with the ladies in my private Facebook group to chat about all things summer! We’ll also be doing a summer bucket list challenge where we check in and share how our adventures are going. If you would like to join in you can find our group  HERE. It’s a more private place to connect and chat verses our blog’s Facebook page.




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