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Something Every New Mom Looks Forward to–We Registered


We got up a t the crack of dawn to go to a church garage sale that promised to wow and amaze us

  it soooooo didn’t

Since the garage sale was a huge bust and we were out we decided to use the free time to register for Mr. Weston!

That’s right we’re fly by the seat of our pants kind of people.

Hahah not really I planned weeks and weeks for this moment.

I did my research folks!


1st stop buy buy Baby which is a fitting name cause let me tell ya you buy annnnnnd buy for baby!



The glider section was Kent’s favorite! He was like Goldie Locks going from chair to chair.

1. We’re not registering for a glider from BBB. They are way over priced! We’re getting our glider at Wally World (Why are gliders so stinking expensive) but still this was Kent’s favorite section.

2. He was very opinionated about gliders again just like Goldie Locks “This one is too small.” “This one is too soft.” no really his words exactly. When I asked if he had plans to breast feed our child in our glider he said “Oooohhhhh noooooo this for my naps!” Bwhahaha he cracks me up! 

             20130518_134401  20130518_134416






Don’t you love the packaging for the Nose Frida!

Baby looking up at mom with adoring eyes like he’s enjoying the whole experience of having his nose sucked out.

I’m quite sure it doesn’t go down this way!

Kent: Ew you have to suck it out! No way I’m not doing that!
Kendra: Great you’ve nixed poop and now this! Okay you take the puke and I’ll do this too.

It’s all about delegating and knowing your strengths and weaknesses folks!

I know when it all comes down to it  and we’re be up to our eyeballs in snot, poo, vomit, and all other types of gross stuff and we’ll be just like the mom on the Nose Frida box looking at our adoring baby!  See the Nose Frida box gives you hope! Winking smile




As you can see Kent was totally into registering.

Actually he did pretty good the fist 45min then I lost him.

Through most of our hunting he made faces at how unnecessary the items were and how he couldn’t believe what they were charging.

Yes he may be right but we’re not raising a child in the Stone Age as he seems to think.

I’m sure he’ll be happy we have a Nose Frida, a double breast pump (don’t ask), and a Sasha the Giraffe teether when it’s all said and done!




Weston I’m sorry mommy didn’t get more dressed up or even put on makeup on for this exciting event. When you look back at these photos don’t be ashamed! I promise to look cute for your showers!  Ps…..Doesn’t your Dad’s Mmmmm Baccon shirt rock?




We decided to register at………


buy buy Baby





For any soon to be mamas out there that want to be nosey and see what we registered for you can find us by searching Kent and Kendra Huie through the sites registry search.

It’s okay I like to look at other people registries too!  You never know what you may have missed!



??How Did They Add Up??

I give buy buy Baby an: Eh
-It’s served its purpose.
-I liked being able to touch and see the products


-They didn’t have everything I was hoping to register for.
-Their prices are crazy high on their bigger items.  
-Their website is kind of crapy but they won me over with a bag of free samples so I’ll let the website thing pass.

I give Amazon an: AAAAAAmaaaaamzing
-Loved that I could easily read reviews and price match.
-Who doesn’t love being able to work on your registry in your PJs!
-Amazon’s prices are lower than buy buy Baby which is music to a deal hunters ears!
-They have a HUGE selection! There is not one thing that I wanted to add to our registry that they didn’t have…..no really I’m being honest!
-I didn’t have to wait for our turn to look at a product.
-No crying babies or strollers to maneuver around (yes I know I will soon be one of those shoppers).
-They have tons of ways to help you search for items to add to your registry. No need to willy-nilly it around the store looking dazed and confused.
-They have a little section where you can write notes about the items you pick. I thought that was a cute idea!
-Awesome user friendly website


I like the items we have on our Amazon registry (prices are better, the selection is great) but I’m not so sure that it will get as much use as our buy buy Baby registry.

Having an online registry is great for out of town loved ones that would like to do something for the baby but as we all know most of us buy our shower gift the night before the shower and like to attend with a gift in hand. This is where Buy Buy Baby wins a point over Amazon. I’m sorry Amazon.


How about you?
What’s been your experience with registering?
Did you like where you registered?
Did your hubby get lost in the glider section?




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