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Roundup and VLOG – Easter Weekend

We spent a lot of time in our van driving out to the sticks to visit family and friends over the weekend but it was so worth it!

On Saturday we stopped by a friend’s surprise birthday party.
We tried so hard to be on time because that’s kind of necessary when you go to a surprise party but we hit some bad traffic on the way out and missed the whole “SURPRISE” part gosh darn it.

We still got to visit for a bit and it was nice to see a friend I haven’t seen in ages.

I didn’t take photos while we were at the party but the party decor was so stinking cute….pink, gold, and white with lots of pretty girly touches and glittery feathers!

I’m around all things BOY and forget how fun girly stuff can be!




We didn’t stay at the party for too long as we had plans to visit with my mom who lives just a few streets over from where the party was!

Sadly we don’t go to her house to visit very often.
It’s such a drive but we had the best time just hanging out on the back porch enjoying the day and letting the boys explore!
Oh my gosh and the weather!!!
It was 74 with a little spring breeze……pure perfection!

I think we need to invest in a pack and play to leave at my mom’s so we can go over and visit more often.
It’s hard to do things with naps and such but a pack and play would fix that!




My mom’s boyfriend has 2 garages full of tools, a shiny yellow motorcycle, and a big backyard!
Weston was pretty much in heaven.

Michael (my mom’s boyfriend) was so sweet to spend some one on one time with him showing him all his cool stuff!




Mom are you reading?
Maybe we should throw Weston’s 3rd birthday party in Michael’s garage!
A bunch of toddlers running amuck in a garage full of tools.
That’s would be totally safe, right?





After a day full of fun we headed home to get ready for Easter which meant we were headed back out to my mom’s the following day!!!!




I didn’t get the boys new outfits or even give a thought to what they were going to wear Easter morning.

Boys are so easy!

Just throw some cute skinnies and a semi cute shirt on them and it looks like I tried.
Having a cute hair cut helps too and Kent aka our family barber had just freshened up their cuts!




My mom outdid herself yet again and set the most beautiful table scape for our Easter brunch!
She’s always been so awesome about making the holidays extra special for my brother and I and now she’s doing the same for our boys!




Last Easter I was BIG TIME preggers with Carsie-Bear.
Now look at him!




We brought you guys along to celebrate Easter with us!
Let’s get on with this week’s VLOG shall we?

To watch via YouTube click HERE



It was such a great weekend!



  • Kelsey - Weston hunting for eggs…so sweet. Love seeing that magic in their eyes!!

    Also, I saw that headboard behind you girl! Can’t wait to see the entire unveiling of your new furniture 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - He was soooo excited to hunt eggs this year. It’s a whole different ball game when you’re the only one hunting! Yes a little sneaky peak! Still on the hunt for the perfect comforter!ReplyCancel

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