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I love connecting with you guys here, over on the YouTube channel or what seems to be the most popular over on Instagram (mainly our Insta Stories). I get a lot of repeat questions over on our Stories so I thought it may be helpful to answer the ones that get asked most frequently in a blog post. That way my answers will be here for all to see!

I have loads of questions to answer. In hopes to make this a little more organized I’ve broken them into categories and have tried to give simple short answers so I don’t keep you here too long.

Let’s get this thing going!


Coffee Questions……

What coffee machine do we have? 
We have the Nespresso Vertou (it makes coffee and espresso).

What milk frother do we use?
We use the Nespresso frother and love it! Our model older just in case you’ve seen ours in a video and are wondering why it looks different than the one on their site.

What type of milk do we use in our frother?
Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond Milk in either original or vanilla. I have tested many many maaaaaany milk alternatives from hemp, to cashew, to coconut, to blends, including different brands of almond milk. Blue Diamond froths THE BEST. Be sure to get the one from the cooler section, it makes a difference.

– What pods do I like from Nespresso?
I keep coffee pods on hand in case company wants coffee (usually Intenso, Stormio, and a decaf option) but I rarely drink coffee. Espresso is my jam! For myself I buy Altissio or if you’re like me and really on know them by color the purple one.

What is my current Starbucks drink?
I switch it up but my current favorite is the Starbucks Iced Double Shot (you have to say Starbucks or they’ll give you a double shot of espresso on ice). When you add the word “Starbucks” in the front they add milk and classic syrup. If I have my favorite coffee sweetener on hand I ask them to hold the classic and I sweeten it myself. On occasion if I’m feeling fancy I’ll ask for a light caramel drizzle.

My current favorite hot coffee is their cappuccino with an extra shot of course. I also like their Flat White and their Iced Skinny Carmela Macchiato. I order mine with an extra shot,  coconut milk, and light caramel drizzle.

Little heads up
I love a good blod strong coffee and while I do like my coffee a little creamy and sweet I’m not a little coffee loads of cream and sugar kind of gal. What I’ve shared above may not be your jam if your coffee looks more like milk than coffee. Just sayin’


Music Questions……

What record player do you have?
We have an Audio-Technia.

I get asked why we bought this brand. All I can tell ya is that it was a gift from Kent. He’s a fellow researcher and lover of all things techie so this decision was all him! We’ve had it for a few years and it’s been great.

Why did you want a record player?
Why do I love to keep a paper calendar? Why do I prefer a book that I can hold and turn the pages over reading from a device? Why do I still print photos and keep them in a album verse creating digital scrapbooks?

I guess I’m old school in that way. I feel that we’ve lost connection in many ways over the years. I know, just call me granny!

I wanted to have something tangible that I could hold in my hands. I wanted to connect more with what I was listening to. I wanted to build a collection of albums that I loved start to finish. Albums that I could listen to over and over again. Many purchase record players because the sound quality is better. That’s another question I get asked….do I think the sound quality is better? Well I’m not sure, I went this for a whole different reason.

Does your player require speakers? 
Yes, our player is connected to the same speaker our TV is connected to.

What are some of your favorite albums?
I love sharing music with you guys! If you want to dig deeper into some of my faves check out this post….“Road Trip to the Mountains Playlist”.


Travel Questions……

How do you find and book the cabins you stay in?
Check out this post “How We Find Cabin Rental and Much More”  It’s  full of helpful info. If you enjoy our cabin shares and reviews I would love to know! I need some motivation to catch up on those type of post as I’m several trips behind!

What areas have we visited in Colorado?
We’ve been to Denver, Nederland (which we really loved and hope to visit again. You can read about that trip here),  Durango (you can read about that trip here), Breckenridge, Jasper, and the Alma/Fairplay area. Alma, Fairplay and Breckenridge are the areas we tend to go back to each year. I would love to retire there some day if Kent would go with me but that’s a long shot. I’m still holding onto the dream though friends!


Photography and Equipment Questions……

– What camera do I shoot with?
I use my phone a lot which is a Samsung Galaxy 8 as well as my Canon Mark II 5D

What is my favorite lens? 
My Sigma 35mm f/1.4 hardly leaves my camera. In fact I’m in the market to upgrade my camera body and the model I’m looking at does not work seamlessly with this lens. I found this out right before I purchased the new body and have since held off. That’s how much I LOVE this lens!!!!

How do I edit my photos?
I use a mixture of Photoshop and Lightroom when editing images from my DSLR.

What phone editing apps do I like?
VSCO is my main go to. I like their Lightroom presets as well (when I’m editing RAW images from my DSLR).

What is your favorite place to print images?
Persnickety Prints or my pro lab which is through Millers.

What camera do I vlog with? 

Canon Mark II GX 7


Monat Questions……

– Are you still using Monat?

Are you still a Monat rep?
Sure am! You can find my site here

What are your favorite Monat products?
Outside of their shampoo and conditioner…..
I love Rejuveniqe oil, Curl Cream, the men’s Black Cream Shave, the men’s aftershave (which doubles as primer and awesome hand lotion), the Restore Leave-In conditioner, Refinish Control Hair Spray and Eye Wonder. I know that’s a lot but I’m truthfully nuts about Monat products! My love for their products is one of the reasons why I jumped in as a rep!


Hair loss Questions……

– Are you still loosing hair?
I would say on average I’m now shedding a normal amount. There are some days when I shed more than other days but it is drastically better than it was 4 months ago!

Do you know what caused it?
I still don’t have a definite answer but I think it could be a combination of several things, stress both physical and metal, diet as I have since found out I’m gluten intolerant, and hormonal.


Health and Fitness Questions……

Do you workout?
Not at the moment but boy do I miss it. Last year was the year of  health stuff for me…… my hair started to fall out, my tummy got angry at me, I was breaking out in random rashes, I had back issues, my heels and arches were acting up, and my hip hurt all day every day. Almost over night I turned into a 100 year old lady and began to literally fall apart. I was doing Orange Theory Fitness 5 times a week for close to a year and LOVING. My brain was all for it but my body wasn’t.

I decided it was time to stop telling my body what it wanted and start listening to what my body was telling me it needed.

Once I made that mental shift things started to turn the corner.

I’ve taken several months off to heal my body and am starting to feel ready to get moving again. I’ll be going about things very differently this time around. No more pushing through pain. No crazy workouts. Nothing to prove. I just want to focus on moving and connecting with my body. I’ve been looking into Pilates Reformer classes. I think they’ll be a great place for me to start.

Are you following a diet program?
For the last 5 months I’ve been gluten free and eating pretty clean. Along with taking a break from the gym I took a break from focused meal plans. I’ve been very free (meaning not tracking or worrying about calories consumed I naturally eat fairly healthy)  the last few months and it’s been so good for my body. I’ve lost weight and I’ve really enjoyed not focusing on my diet.

Just like with my workouts I’m ready to get back to a program of some sort. I’m in a better mental place and I’m feeling it’s time. Again listening to my body and what it can handle. I’m started a program that’s not too hardcore that fits with how I naturally eat.

House and Decor Questions……

What do you use to store toys in the boy’s playroom?
Our playroom cubbies are from the Better Homes and Garden line at Walmart. You can find it in store or here

Where did you find the galvanized bins?
Better Homes and Garden, from Walmart. They no longer carry the larger size in store but you can purchase a set of 6 here. It’s comes out to be what I payed per bin when they had them in store. They’ve held up well!

Where is your playroom rug from? 
Overstock, you can find it here

Where is your living room rug from?

What do you use to clean your rugs?
The Bissell Spot Clean Pro Heat Portable Spot Cleaner (that’s a long name huh) and I use this and this along with it.

What product do you use to get set in stains out of the boys clothes?
I pre treat with this and soak overnight in a bin of hot water mixed with this

Can you share about your kitchen remodel….how you painted your cabinets, what color you used, what material and where did your purchase your counter tops, how you resurfaced your kitchen island, where are your new lights from.
We’re still in the middle of our remodel (hello doing it on our own aka it’s takes for stinking ever). Once we finish I’ll share links, info and all that jazz. I feel like I need to get it all finished up first before I tackle a post like that though.

Haha now that was a lot if info! Hopefully you found something in there that was helpful!




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