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Pretty Princess – Frisco TX Child Photographer

 Love working with Madison and her family. They are so laid back and sweet as pie…..pretty much my favorite type of people! Ummm and I’m kind of jealous of their lifestyle. They live on a few acres with horses, chickens, donkeys, and a bunch of other furry cuties. What a fun childhood this little one is going to have! Maybe she’ll let me come over and play with her toys one day. 🙂

Madison’s mom is always up for whatever during our shoots. Love when clients trust in my talent. It’s a huge compliment!




 If you sing and clap your hands she’ll smile and sway. I’d say that’s a good tradeoff.



 Doesn’t she look like a pretty princess?

Look at those little fingers….swoon!



 Oh the baby feet and chubby arm cuteness!









 I started my spring cleaning this week. This is the exact face I made when I cleaned the top of the fridge. All sorts of random treasures hiding up there. Including a bamboo back scratcher. I know, score right?

 I can think of so many captions to go with this shot! Do you do that too or is it just a weird photographer thing?

To Madison: I think you’re something special and I love how you light up when your mom claps for you. If you grow up to be anything like your mom and dad you will have a great sense of humor thanks to your silly dad and a heart of gold just like your mom!  Oh and I wasn’t kidding about coming over to play with your toys. 🙂





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