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Potty Training Diaries: I Ate my lunch on the bathroom floor

It’s the day before Thanksgiving
Everyone is busy preparing for the big meal…..
getting ready for company……
grocery shopping…..

No us!

For the last few years we’ve taken my in-laws out to eat on Thanksgiving day.
No dirty dishes to clean.
No long grocery lines to wait in.
No traveling.

We actually really enjoy this unintentional tradition.

So knowing that most are busy preparing for Thanksgiving with no time to read my little ol’ blog I decided that I wouldn’t put a post up for our weekly Wednesday post.

Buuuuuut here I am.

In the wee hours of the morning alone with my coffee cup sitting in front of my computer with really not a lot to say which is usually when things get all rambly and weird.

That can kind of be fun sometimes though, no?

So for those who happen to be here reading……

here’s your mini dose of ramble.

Perfect for potty training: For the Frozen lovers with a sense of humor.

Yesterday I ate my lunch on the bathroom floor while waiting for Weston to poop.

It was unsuccessful and I figured as much as he always has to go “poops” right at nap or bed time aka he’s trying to pull one over on his folks.

Are you done trying buddy?
“Nope I still trying. Can you sit witd me riiiiight here (pointing to the floor by the toilet)” said in the sweetest voice you’ve ever heard.

“But mama’s hungry. I’m going to eat some lunch while you keep trying. I’ll be right here (pointing to the kitchen)”
It was 2:30 and all I had eaten for the day was a protein bar.

“Can you eat your lunch in here witd me?” Again pointing to a tiny space on the floor next to the toilet.

Come on how can you say no to that?

So he wins.
A later nap time and a hungry mama singing songs about pop while she eats her lunch next to the potty hoping for poop to actually happen.

It definitely wasn’t a moment I‘m proud of. 

So if you too are eating lunch out on Thanksgiving and see a lady sitting on the floor in the bathroom with a plate in her lap signing songs about poop and pee feel free to pop your head under the door and say hi.

I’d love the company and I’d love it even more if sang some potty songs with us.




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