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Plans For The Day And My <3 Challenge For You

Happy Love day everyone!
Hope your day is full of all things pink and red and mixed with tons of ooey gooey love!


Kent has the day off so we’re going to a swank coffee house/café for breakfast  then off to do a little flea market shopping (yep I’m sure I’ll be sharing the day with y’all via Instagram)! Of course our favorite little Valentine will be along for the ride! We love taking him on adventures.


Today I challenge YOU to……….
Give someone a big tight hug,
Pass along a sweet compliment to a stranger.
Offer to help if you see an opportunity.
Tell those you love at least 3 things you love about them 
Find 3 ways to spread love to others
Think of 5 things you love about your self!

Let’s pass on a little extra love today!



Ps… I know he’s going to kill me for taking these pics when he’s older but for now I’m going to enjoy that cute little bum all I can!




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