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Paper Planner Organization – Bloguary Day 2


Howdy and welcome to day 2 of Bloguary!
Today I want to chat about Planners…..paper planners to be precise.

I’m a list maker, note taker, idea rambler, and a major fan of putting pen to paper. 
While many have joined the digital calendar world (including my hubby who does not understand my love for paper goods) I’m staying traditional and sticking with a paper planner. In my mind it’s the best option!

I love that I can quickly pick it up and jot something down.
I love how you can personalize it and make it pretty!  
I love being able to flip through the pages and look back at months past.
I love crossing things off my To Do’s in the note section as I go about my day.
And the love list goes on but I’ll stop there.

This year I’ve done some research on how I want to organize my planner. I usually just go to town and start writing events and what not down but for 2015 I would like to have a method. In my hunting I’ve come across some really great ideas and products. Today I want to share them with you!

The Planner


This is my 4th year using an Erin Condren planner. I’ve used other planners in the past but find myself coming back to trusty Erin Condren. For 2015 I’m using her Sequin edition planner (look above). 

I’ve heard great things about Sugar Paper Planners. They’ve created a lower priced but still stunning line for Target. I’m tempted to buy one to use as my blog/Project life planner.


Recently found Lilly Pulitzer planners. Ummm can we say stunning! LOVE the prints and fun colors she offers. From what I’ve read a lot of Ering Condren fans really like Lilly’s planners, some even converting from E.C. over to Lilly’s planners. The interior is just as pretty as the cover and the layout resembles Erin’s but you can write your daily activities horizontally verses vertically (as it’s laid out in Erin’s planner) which I really like the idea of.  

planner 2010 Lilly Pulitzer


Organizing The Guts

Hillary over at My So-Called Home has by far my favorite planner video. Remember I’ve done my research this year so that means this is worth a watch! She has of simple budget friendly ideas for planner organization and how she keeps up with her day to day. If you skip over everything else in this post (which you totally wouldn’t do, right?) at the very least watch her vlog!


Products and Systems I’ll Be Using In My Planner


I’ve gathered a few rolls of washi tape that compliment my planner. I don’t want it to look too busy. Some like to go washi tape nuts in their planners. My ADD self wouldn’t be able to look past all the washi tape prettiness to see what I need to day. I’ll be using washi it sparingly to highlight holidays, vacations, and birthdays.




I’ll also be adding a Slick Writer pen to my stash so I can write on the washi tape without it smearing. You can find these pens online and at Michael’s.



I’ve assigned (bills, photo shoot dates/work stuff, personal events, family events) each a color and will be using the month at a glance section in my planner to note these events in their corresponding color. For the day section in my planner I will rewrite these events basic black ballpoint pen along with my daily to-dos. If an event needs attention in the daily section I’ll be highlighting it with a yellow highlighter. I like to keep my daily section simple….again because the ADD and all.




Loved Hillary’s idea to add a few additional list sections to her planner. In the past I would write things like this willy-nilly in the notes section of my planner but I like the idea of having a designated section for them. This year I’ll be creating a list section for……

* Home Projects (Current and Long Term)
* Blog Post and You Tube Video Ideas
* Ways to Spread Happy (send a card to a friend, call a client to let me know how much I appreciate their business, craft idea I want to try out) Just random things I want to do throughout the year that will add a little happy to my life or to the lives other’s
* Personal Goals For The Year 
* Business Goals For The Year
* Bills (A master list for when everything thing is due)
* Wish List Family/Myself (things I would like to purchase for myself or family)





Martha does it again! Love her Dew Drop stickers to note random things and her Memo Note Pad which you can insert single pages right into your ringed bound planner. Genius Martha!



Keeping It All Together


I haven’t made this purchase yet but I’m looking for a small case that can house my planner and all my planner dodads (pens, highlighter, note pad, and dew drop stickers). In the past I used a pencil case but I love the idea of having everything including my planner in one small travel case. That way when I’m on the go I can just grab the case put it in my purse aka diaper bag.

Erin Condren has a case (see above) with this idea in mind that fits her planners. Before I fork over the $30 plus for her case I want to do some hunting to see if I can find something I like that’s a little more cost effective. I’ll share on IG if I do! If you have a little tote you use for this same reason that works for you let me know so I can check it out!


There ya have it! My plan for my 2015 planner!
Yep sadly I have a plan for my planner.
I know that makes my sound lame but if the shoe fits my friends!!!!

If you too are nuts about your paper planner I would love to know your favorite planner and any systems your use in your planner to help keep you organized throughout the year!   

Bloguary 2015-1

This ends our 1st week of Bloguary as I plan (um how many times and I use the word plan/planner in one post) to take weekends off. I’ll be back Monday with a new post….and Tuesday…..and Wednesday…….and well you get the idea!

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