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Every now and then we get questions about the boy’s hair.

Do you style it every day? Most days I sure do.
Is it hard to do? Nope in fact it’s super easy.
How do you have the time for that? Ummm well it literally takes seconds to fix.
Are they good when you’re styling it? Yep! They’re used to it. They’ve had a styled hair cut since they were teeny tiny. They have the routine down!
What gel do you use? Johnny B Hair Hold Mode Styling Gel. Kent and I are super picky about hair gel. Our favorite brand was discontinued so we tried many others over the last several months hoping to find one that lived up to the one that we loved. Johnny B Hair Hold Mode is the winner and I even like it a touch better than the previous gel we were using.
How do you style it? I spray it with a tiny bit of water, add gel, use a fine tooth comb to comb it to the center then style from there. Carson gets spikes and Weston has a side swoop type thing going on. For Weston I comb his hair to the side then use the comb to create a little wave in the front. 

My favorite though is when I get to tell people who cuts their hair!

A few years back we took Weston to get his 1st hair cut.

It was a massive and I mean massive nightmare.

He flipped out, the stylist was on edge, and we all left rattled.
It took two more rounds of that hot mess when Kent suggested that he cut Weston’s hair.
To which I said with every ounce of sarcasm in me “Yeah totally, I’m sure you could cut his hair” my eyes just about rolling right off my head.

He then went on to tell me how good he is at cutting hair.
How he cut his friend’s hair in college.
How they preferred his haircuts over going to a professional.


We’ve been together for 17 years….17 YEARS and he’s never mentioned a thing about this hidden talent he claimed to have.
I was tired of the stress from taking Weston to children’s stylist and gosh darn it it’s expensive so I said why not.
If it didn’t turn out we could just buzz it off.

Funny thing is that I was pleasantly surprised.
Not only is he an amazing father, crazy smart, and a wonderful cook he can cut hair too…..go figure!

CHA-CHING husband jackpot!

It took a little while to get into the groove but y’all he’s good…….real good!
And all the professional stylist reading cringe.
Okay he’s good says my untrained eye.

Kent didn’t take his new role of Huie Boy Stylist lightly. He has a whole set up with a stool, decent scissors, clippers, a little mini broom and a fluffy brush to dust hair of the boy’s necks.

It wasn’t tear free at first but Weston did ton’s better for Kent than he did the stylist.
He’s a champ now, no tears, no complaining.
Carson like Weston took a little time to get into the routine but he rocks it now. No tears and sits still the whole time.

With 2 boys going in for cuts twice a month (their hair grows fast) Kent is saving us $120 a month.
Typing that out sounds nuts to me but after tip we were paying close to $30 for Weston so times four yep that’s right.
I was tipping pretty high because of the massive meltdown the stylist had to deal with.
I figured she was less likely to give him a crap haircut if I won her over with a nice tip.

Poor Kent doesn’t get a tip but he does get ice cream after it’s all said and done!
To his ice cream loving self that’s pretty much the best tip ever!

We started treating the boys to ice cream as a reward for doing well during their hair cut.
They no longer need an insensitive to make it through but a family ice cream date has become a tradition.
I’m all about traditions especially yummy ones!

Some day they’ll be too cool for home haircuts but for now we’re grateful for Kent’s hidden talent, sweet boys that let their mama style their hair and our family ice cream dates.

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    I love the boy’s haircuts!!! And of course the styling. You both could open a shop! ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Thank you so much Debbie! I figure if we can’t have bows and tutus we can do cute cuts and stylish shoes! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Your boys are the CUTEST! They rock their adorable haircuts! How awesome that your hubby can cut their hair so well! Love it!ReplyCancel

We have a couple little raised beds in our backyard.
Each spring/summer Kent has these awesome lofty plans to garden and grow plants dripping in veggie goodness.
He talks about growing yummy tomatoes and pickin’ his crop with the boys.

Each year I buy into the dream.
Sounds lovely right?

All we’re missing are the chickens running around us while we pick goodies from the garden
And goats
And a lama
Can’t forget our horses
OHHH Oh oh lots of bunnies too
And yes of course the bee hives.

Each year it never quite works out like that.
Instead of a garden full of veggies it ends up being a gardener’s worst nightmare overgrown full of weeds and bugs.
Kent is a busy guy and it’s gosh darn it it’s hot during summer aka high time for garden tending.
Life gets busy and the garden gets forgotten.
The bugs and the birds usually win whatever he decides to plant and the summer heat takes the leftovers.

A few years back I started planting the seed (pun intended) to take a break from the veggie garden for a couple years and do flower garden instead.
I don’t know a gosh darn thing about flower gardens but I’m guessing you toss some seeds out and in a few weeks you have beds full of colorful pretties.


I’m sure it’s totally that easy!

He wasn’t for it at first but I kept at it and you know what?
This year the flower garden won!

Those little seeds best grow and be amazing or next year I may be looking out my kitchen window and seeing mountains of overgrown weed infested grossness.
Okay it’s not that bad but it is pretty sad.

I grabbed my camera and our two tiny gardeners and outdoors we went to help Kent get things started!

Hopefully I’ll have an update in a couple months with lots of pretty flowers to show you!
If this pans out well and he sees what great ideas I have than I’m certain he’s going to buy into my moving to Colorado idea!
I’ve been working on that one for a good 5 years so keep your fingers crossed for me friends!

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Back to Simple.
This seems to be the trend these days and you know what?
I buy it hook line and sinker!

I’m at the simple party wearing my “I’m a fan of simple t-shirt” and neck hugging others who strive to live a simple life.
It’s simple goodness and I’m bathing in it!

What I’ve noticed this year is that the idea of simpleness is a big one and flows deep into many areas of our lives.

The idea of simple living doesn’t just stop there. It’s a mindset……

It’s about getting back to you.
Creating calm in a life that can consume you.
Living purposefully.
Letting go of the self induced stress.
Letting your passion bubble over.
Allowing yourself to be still.

I could go on and on about the many ways the idea of simpleness has shaped my life this year but today I’m going to focus on the blog.

Yes, even the idea of simple living flows to our little space here on the web.

Ever so often I jump on here and chat about my plans and ideas for the blog.
I’ve had a long relationship with this space of ours and just like a personal relationship it needs focus and nurturing.

Last week I was looking for an old link to share in our private Facebook group.
That little hunt took me on a walk down blog memory lane.
I never found that post by the way but what I did find was inspiration that caught me by surprise.
I was inspired by what my blog was 2, 3, 4 years ago.

It was simple.

Just me and my random thoughts, feelings and stories.
I wrote what I wanted to write.
I shared and documented no matter how silly or pointless.

I got joy from post like that and looking back those are post I really connect with and love revisiting.

I didn’t realize until that little walk down blog memory lane just how much I’ve missed blogging that way.
Not that I’ve changed the blog a ton but there is definitely a shift as I’ve become more involved with social media.
Things that I would have jumped on here to share are now shared on Snap Chat and Instagram.

Post have become more about products I’m loving and topics I know people want me to blog about.
I still really enjoy sharing those type of things and will continue to keep post of that nature coming.


I want to get back to sharing my heart and thoughts on the blog again.
Where it can live and be revisited.
Not in a space where will vanish in 24 hours.

I’m inspired by the thought of getting back to simple blogging so much so that I busted out 3 new post in a flash over the weekend!
That’s huge for me as it takes me forever to create a post.
You wouldn’t guess that with all the typos huh?

For those of you who have been with us since the move from Domestic Princess in Training to our new space here….
For those of you who have found us over the last couple of  years or even the last week….
For those of you who take the time to comment, email, connect…


I started this blog for myself and all these years later it continues to be a hobby and place of passion but its so much fun to have buddies to share it with.
Knowing you’re out there following along in the journey just adds a little sweetness to the pot.

Get ready because randomness and simple sharing is coming your way!

PS…..The photos I shared in today’s post were shot during a recent day camping trip. If it’s yellow I MUST take a photo of it!


The last few days have been nothing short of wonderful full of beautiful music, memory making, and the great outdoors!

All the things that make our world go round.

On Wednesday Kent and I had a little date night to celebrate our anniversary (a few days early as our real anniversary was over the weekend).
My mom drove alllllll the way from the boonies to watch the boys over night which was pretty special.

Weston was beyond excited for his Nana sleepover!
She came bearing gifts (cars & play-dogh).
They didn’t even bat an eye when I left.

While the boys were enjoying their nana playtime Kent and I had dinner at our favorite restaurant.
Pappadeaux is so special to us as it’s where we met 18 years ago.
So many great memories wrapped around that place.
There are a few Pappadeaux locations closer to us but we wanted to go back to where it began so we drove to the location we met at all those years ago.

I want to take the boys there someday and get a photo of all 3 of us under the Pappadeaux sign!

Our meal was soooooooo good (as usual)!
We shared a Greek Salad, Kent had a pound of craw fish, I had a crab cake (their crab cakes are to die for), and we shared the mixed sea food grill aka I was stuffed by the end of our meal.
I originally said I was going to order dessert even if I only had one bite.
It was a special meal and Pappadeax has THE BEST desserts but y’all I was so full the thought of even one bite wasn’t going to happen.

Next time Pappadeaux…….next time!

Anyone a Pappadeaux fan from way back in the day when they used to serve Oreo Mousse…..oh my Kelly Clarkson that was a dream on a plate.
Let me know below if you’ve ever had it! It’s been years since they’ve stopped serving it and I still think about it!

After dinner we made our way to the House of Blue to see Passenger.

Y’all this concert was something else.
We try to go to a few shows a year.
We enjoy seeing some of our faves in small venues and have seen some amazing concerts up close and personal. Paolo Nutini and Gregory Alan Isakov being some of our favorites to date.

Oh but this show was…….

I’m literally sitting here staring at my screen trying to find the words to correctly describe it and I just can’t do it justice.

I laughed
I felt all the feels
I almost ugly cried. Huge lump in my throat tears just waiting to spill over. If I let it out it wasn’t going to be pretty so I tried so hard to keep it in.

He has a way with words this one and he tugged at my heart big time that night.

Passenger has been on my “Must See” list for many years but post concert I’m even more obsessed than I was before.
If you too love his music and have the opportunity to see him DO IT DO IT DO IT!
I’ve never experienced a show quite like his and if he comes back to Dallas I will definitely be going to see him again.

The day after the concert was all about packing for a fun road trip we were taking the next day!

We road trip often. The boys do well with it. We enjoy it.
If the possibility for a vacation approaches and the distance isn’t too crazy far (15 hours is as far as we’ve driven so far) we love to roadtrip!
We have a few years of packing/roadtripin’ with the boys under our belts but I have to give us a big gold start for this one!

It was our best packing experience yet!

We didn’t forget anything!
I didn’t feel stressed!
Kent and I didn’t argue throughout the process!
We didn’t destroy the house while we were packing!
We left one time HELLO!

This was huge for us and we weren’t packing for just any old trip we were taking the boys on their very first overnight camping trip aka you need to pack all the things!

We’re pros of what I like to call “Day Camping” you can read more about what that is here but sleeping in a tent for a few nights was a first for the boys!

My brother, siter-in-law, nieces, my middle niece’s hubby and their pups.
Stole this from my sister-in-law. Thanks Kim!

We headed out to Beaver’s Bend state park in Oklahoma and met up with my brother, siter-in-law, my nieces and their pups.

Oh my lanta y’all!
It was stinking beautiful!
We frequent this area but usually stay in cabins. You can read our last Broken Bow cabin review HERE.
How in the world have we missed the beauty that is Beaver’s Bend State Park ugh!
We were smitten with the tall trees, waterfalls (yes they have waterfalls), and lush rolling hills that I think must be border line mountains.

I’m sure there is some sort of equation that makes a mountain a mountain but in our neck of the woods we get excited if we see a large hill!
The second Weston sees something bigger than an ant hill he starts asking if we’re in Colorado.

I vlogged some of the trip although I have yet to look at the footage.
If I can put together a vlog from what I filmed I’ll share soon.

So behind on vlog editing. If I can get my act together I have so much fun footage just waiting to be turned into a vlogs. Hopefully soon!

We didn’t have cell service while we were camping so I took the forced opportunity to unplug which tuned into a break from technology all together.
I didn’t take one single photo.
I didn’t even pick up my DSLR.

Another one I snatched from my siter-in-law! I’m not kidding when I said I didn’t take one photo.
My niece with Weston. He thinks she pretty awesome. I do too!

Kind of sad I didn’t at least take one photo but whatever I was too busy chatting away with my family, shoving smores in my mouth and chasing after my boys.

Those memories will just have to live in my head!


I should have titled this post “ALLLLLLLL THE PHOTOS” yes it must be yelled and you must drag out the L when you say it.

For no real reason but that it’s fun!

That’s basically what’s going to be going down in this week’s post. I mentioned in my “Documenting Life – Volume 1” post that I’m working hard this year to use my big girl camera more frequently to create and document our days verses my phone camera. I tend to get in these ruts where I only use my camera for work and grab for my phone when I want to document something in my personal life.

I’m happy to say we’re 3 months in and things are going well! I’ve even printed these (and a ton others including phone snaps) and already have them in my 2017 Project Life album!

Who wants to give me a gold star!?!

Okay on with the photos and the stories behind them!


I took a ton of photos that day but this one is my absolute favorite!
Look at that face! Speaking of gold stars he needs one for nailing the perfect begging face! Just the right amount of puppy dog eye and pouty lip to make you want to give him all the Boom Chicka Pop in the world.


Hammers have been his favorite toy for the last month or so along with his Plasma car. He takes his hammer everywhere. He’s know at Weston’s school as Thor. Which is hilarious and totally fitting! Before we go into any kind of facility I have to have the hammer time (sorry I had to) chat.  So far he’s done pretty good. Although there was that one time he hit a cop car. Let’s hope there’s no future foreshadowing going on there. Yes we found the cop and I made him apologize!

Carson’s face. That’s pure joy!

Kent stood watch while I set in the middle of the street shooting away! The boys getting to ride in the wide open needed to documented!
They had a blast!

See blast being had here!


When you match the playground.

I’m obsessed with Carson’s hands they’re five sizes too big for his body and I can’t get enough of them nor can my camera.
PS…He hates having his hands dirty so I snapped this to document his funny quirk.

He wears these shoes pretty much daily and I LOVE them! I’ll know I’ll be happy to have this shot when his feet are stinky and big and I no longer have a say in his footwear.

There’s a bathroom with a teeny tiny window above the shower right behind us. It’s the only window in the bathroom and it it shines the prettiest afternoon light. We were playing in the hallway when I noticed the light from the little bathroom bouncing off the wall…..perfect shadow puppet stage! Love how Carson is watching Weston and trying to do as he’s doing.

Again look at those puppy dog paws!


Those little teeth and a boy that melts my heart on the daily! Oh the things he says. He has a pretty special heart!

Crying because he didn’t want to be held as well as crying because he did want to be held. I know, it’s all very confusing.

Little feet and hand dimples! Swoon worth stuff!

They had these really neat old barns at one of the campsites we visited. This one was pitch black inside and I had to bribe him to go in so I could snap this photo. Bribery works and I have the photo to prove it!

See you guys next Friday!

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