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Weston is officially a student and lucky me his pre-school is close to a thrift store.

Totally not planned but YIPPEE SKIPPY!

I recently popped in (kid free) and had a grand ole’ time digging through the treasures.
Before I knew it what I thought would be a “quick thrift store pop in” turned into a 2 hour shopping trip.

I mean when you’re kid free AND in a thrift store you really have to milk that time am I right?

Want to see what I scored?



We gave Weston the fire truck on his birthday.

He flipped!
Probably his favorite gift. Well that and the $1 dinosaur flyers I picked up at The Dollar Tree.
Cheap thrills eh?

Have you found anything awesome during a recent thrifting trip? If so I must know!

  • Kelsey - You found AWESOME finds!! I’m sitting here thinking “we don’t have that good of a selection at our goodwill!” But then I think to myself that I haven’t given ours much of a chance. So I will be doing some thrifting this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration! (And just in time for shopping for Christmas gifts for Cora. Because why pay full price for toys!)ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay - FYI I couldn’t hear the air conditioner! You did a great job masking the sound! 😉 Also, the quality of your videos are awesome! Must be your new Vlogging camera!ReplyCancel

Hey there!

I’ve missed you!
Is it okay if I give you a hug? I’m a hugger!

I’m so glad you came by!

Come have a seat.
I’ll get you a slice of pumpkin bread. I just pulled it out of the oven mmmmmm.
I’m so ready for fall aren’t you?
It’s the best!
Now if only Texas would get the fall weather memo a little sooner.

Are you ready for that cup of coffee?
Really it’s no trouble.
We have a lot to chat about so you’re going to want something to wet your whistle.

Here you go…..
just like you like. Be careful it’s hot!

Now let’s catch up shall we.

Did you make it to the end?
I shocked myself with how long I chatted away this time.

Y’all I even cut some of it out
I know, shocking!

I’m so pumped to get back to vlogging/blogging on a more regular basis.
I’ve missed it over the summer.
As we’re settling into a new schedule with Weston starting school I hope to get back into a regular posting schedule.

In fact…..

I’m taking 1 school day a week to hull up in a coffee shop so I can work on all these blog post and vlogs I want to crank out.

So many fun ideas planned for the remainder of the year as well as next year.

I sure hope you’re subscribed so you can follow along!

See ya next week!

  • Brandi Golemon - I just love you!!! You always make me smile. Thanks for the update.ReplyCancel

  • Kelsey - Hahah, you crack me up! You should do more out takes at the end!

    I’m so excited for you for Weston’s preschool. It’s so challenging to find a good place that meets needs and fits in the budget. You’ve made me want to start looking for a new place for Cora just so I can get that “mother goose” feeling.

    Looking forward to more blogs and vlogs!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - Oh my how I have missed you! You are the cutest ever! Happy birthday Weston. Weston and Ava (my granddaughter) share the same birthday and will be three this Saturday. We are doing a family party on Sunday. Ava is going to preschool 5 days this fall. She is just so busy and this way we all can spend one on one time with out grandson Dylan (5 months) while Ava is in preschool. Busy, busy as usual!ReplyCancel

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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY and I’m spending it in my most favorite place……the Colorado mountain tops! We’re only a few days into our trip but lots of fun has been had! We’re been checking in on Instagram (Kendra_Huie) and Snap Chat (Kendra_Huie) sharing a little bit of our adventures if you would like to follow along.

Before we headed out on our trip I asked my Snap Chat family to shoot me some questions for a fun birthday Q&A.

Boy did they deliver!

So many fun questions! I didn’t want this to get too terribly long so I wasn’t able to get to all of them but I’ll save the ones I missed for another Q&A down the road!

Let’s get this birthday bash started!!!!


  1. Favorite Cake?
    CARROT CAKE (yes that must be screamed)! Especially the one from Bonnie Ruth’s. They use pineapple in their recipe and it’s totally drool worthy! If you’re local you must go have a slice then come back and tell me how right I am!
  2. Favorite birthday memory as a child?
    Love this question! It made me think back on so many great memories (my family does a great job of celebrating birthdays) but if I have to pick a favorite it has to be the year my parents surprised me with a puppy. I was turning 8 (I think). I had been asking for a puppy for the longest and I was 100% sure they were not going to get me one. They even told me so…..over and over and over. The day of my birthday we were all together in the living room and my mom asked me to close my eyes while they brought my birthday gift out. It seemed like I had my eyes closed forever and I started wondering what could possibly take so long to bring out. A new bike? Did they get me a bird? I totally heard a bird chirp. Okay a bird is not a puppy but I could learn to love it. When they told me I could open my eyes there was a fluffy white puppy sitting on my lap, not a bird. She was absolutely precious and looked like a big cotton ball with eyes. I melted and cried my eyes out while I held my new puppy. We later named her Tiffany. She was my buddy and in many of childhood memories. Oh man there was also that time that my mom and step-father surprised me with a car. Oh gosh so many many good ones but I’ll stop for now.
  3. What kind of student were you in school? I was always the kid that was getting in trouble for talking. My teachers would move me around the class room placing me next to people they thought I wouldn’t befriend. Within a few days we were best buds chatting up a storm and my teacher would move me to a new spot. I was a good kid but school wasn’t my jam. Flash forward to the current time…….I’m still a chatter box and I still loath school. The idea of sitting in a lecture hall literally makes me nauseous.
  4. What extra curricular activities did you do?
    Dance, dance, dance! I started dance classes when I was tiny. That rolled over to a competitive dance team, then drill team and another dance team in college.
  5. How many kids are in your family?
    Oh this is a tricky question! My family is a bit of a patchwork quilt. Are you ready for this? Here we go…….I have 1 brother and sister and 4 step siblings (2 step sisters and 2 step brothers)….whew!
  6. Sweets are your weakness (bwahaha my Snap Chat family knows me well). What would you pick over the other: cake brownies, pie, or ice cream?
     I honestly had to think on this one for a while. I’m going to go with ice cream which kind of surprises me but their ya have it!
  7. Favorite birthday gift from Kent?
    He loves to give me concert tickets for my birthday. A while back I told him I wanted something I could enjoy on my actual birthday and not something I had to wait months to enjoy. Well he didn’t listen and got me tickets to see Paolo Nutini for my birthday. He’s one of my favorite artist! I did have to wait a few months to see him perform it was my most favorite concert and memories with Kent. I was newly pregnant with Carson and there were lots of twist and turns that made it an interesting yet amazing night! I’ll have to share the story in a later post. It’s a good one!
  8. What absolutely has to to be done before you can go to bed?
    Monday-Friday my gym clothes HAVE to be out and ready to go. I also get my water ready untie my shoes put my socks next to them and make sure I know where my keys are. I’m pretty much a zombie at 4am so I need things to be as simple as possible so I can get out the door and to the gym on time.
  9. What job did you think you were going to have when you grew up?
    I had a few that rotated in and out. When I was really young I wanted to be an actress or a dancer. When I got a little older around middle school I decided I wanted to work for an advertising firm until we had someone from the field come talk to us about the industry. She told us how competitive it was and that killed it for me. From there I decided that teaching was the industry for me! That stuck throughout college and ended up being a profession that I took on. Now I dream of being a travel host for a TV show when I grow up. 😉
  10. Will you ever go back to teaching?
    I’m a never say never kind of gal but for now I don’t see it happening in the near future. I left teaching to pursue my photography career full time. I had 8 good years as a photographer and hope to get back into it when the boys are in a less needy stage. Although I have thought about teaching photography classes so you see….never say never!
  11. If you could be any Disney princess who would you pick?
    I LOVE Rapunzel from Tangled. Boy mom over here, is she considered a Disney princess?
  12. What is your go to breakfast?
    Right now I’m digging a bagel thin topped in almond butter sprinkled with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds….yum!
  13. Do you have any crazy human tricks or hidden talents?
    I was going to say nope I’m pretty boring but Kent said I have to mention that I have photographic memory. Is that considered a human trick? Not sure but we’ll go with it. When I need to remember something I do this thing where I stop whatever I’m doing focus on what it is I need to remember and take a literal snap shot in my mind. If it’s something like piece of information I can’t see in front of me I picture the information in my mind and connect it with some type of mental writing or drawling then take a mental snap shot. Once I do this whatever it is that I’m trying to remember is locked in my mind. Is that weird? Typing that out sounds so weird!
  14. Funniest dating experience with Kent?
    This is another one I had to get Kent to weigh in on. We’ve been together for so long (16 years) and have so many funny memories it’s hard to pick the funniest. Kent said one that sticks out to him happened when we were in China. We were in a small town that does not see a lot of Caucasian people especially tall ones with curly hair. We were walking in the city headed to do something and people stopped us to pet my hair…..yes they literally pet me. They couldn’t believe it was real and were talking to Kent while I stood there smiling having no idea what they were saying while I was circled in people petting me.

Thanks again to those who Snapped me questions! This was a fun way to kick off my birthday!

We’ll be vlogging today so if you want to see what we get into stay tuned for a birthday vlog!



Road Trip Playlist 2016 www.hangingwiththehuies.com

In the list below you’ll find soulful voices that give your heart a big hug and warp you up in a flannel blanket! It’s a playlist packed full of perfect coffee drinkin’ camp fire sittin’ songs. If that’s your kind of music you’ll want to check these artist/albums out even if you’re not planning a road trip to the mountains.

Side Note: We enjoy listening to albums when we hit the road. No singles in this playlist. Instead it’s full of albums that are awesome from start to finish.

In no particular order……..

  1. First Aid Kit Albums: Stay Gold & The Big Black Blue
  2. Iron and Wine Albums: Our Endless Numbered Days, Around the Well & Ghost On Ghost
  3. Bill Withers Album: Lean On Me The Best Of Bill Withers
  4. London Grammar Album: If You Wait
  5. Jose Gonzales Albums: In Our Nature, Veneer
  6. Milk Carton Kids Albums: Prologue, The Ash & Clay
  7. Wailin’ Jennys Albums: 40 Days, Firecracker
  8. The Weepies Album: Sirens
  9. Gregory Alan Isakov Album: The Weatherman
  10. Brandi Carlile Album: Bear Creek
  11. Sarah Jarosz Album: Follow Me Down, Build Me Up From Bones
  12. Laura Veirs Albums: Wrap, Weft & July Flame
  13. Feist Albums: Let it Die, The Reminder
  14. Kaleo Album: Way Down We Go (not available for Prime members)
  15. Sarah Jaffe Albums: Suburban Nature, The Body Wins
  16. Paolo Nutini Albums: Caustic Love, Sunny Side Up (not available for Prime members but possible my all time favorite album)
  17. Bon Iver Albums: For Emma Forever Ago & Bon Iver
  18. Ray LaMontange Albums: Trouble, Beg Steal or Borrow
  19. Lumineers Albums: The Lumineers, Cleopatra
  20. Passenger Albums: All The Little Lights, Whispers
  21. Father John Misty Album: Fear Fun
  22. Nathaniel Rateliff Album: In Memory Of Loss
  23. Boy & Bear Album: Harlequin Dream
  24. Lucy Rose Album: Like I Used To
  25. Sea Wolf Album: Old World Romance
  26. Amelia Curran Album: Hunter Hunter
  27. Neko Case Album: Blacklisted
  28. Jenny Lewis Album: Acid Tongue
  29. Of Monsters and Men Albums: My Head Is An Animal, Beneath the Skin
  30. Lord Huron Albums: Lonesome Dreams, Strange Trails

I tried to stick with artist that have free albums available to Amazon Prime members. It was hard though because I could easily add another 30 artist to this list but this is definitely a great start!

How to Find These Albums:
If you’re a Prime member just hop on Amazon search for the album, add it to your library and you’re good to go! If there was an album that I just HAD to add to the list but is not a free option for Prime members I made note of it next to the album. If you’re not a Prime member you should be able to find most of these artist on Spotify.


Let’s Listen To A Few Of The Artist:
Promise you each album and artist on this list is worth checking out but I had to pick a couple to share within this post, mainly artist we’ve seen in concert.
Seriously thought don’t stop at the videos I’m sharing. You’ll want to give the other artist in the playlist a listen as well


Y’all this is live! She’s one talented lady. I’ve listened this this album countless times and it still gives me chills. I’m chomping at the bit for her to come out with another album! IT’S TIME LONDON!


Oh Paolo sweet sweet Paolo. Y’all may have heard me talk about him before because I honestly can’t get enough of his soulful voice and the way he connects with his music…..POWER!
We saw him a few years back in a small venue and it’s still my most favorite concert.

We’ve been lucky enough to see Sarah in concert a few times (both small venues which are my fave). She’s like Paolo in the way she feels what she’s singing. You can see it all over her body and hear it in her voice.

Another artist we’ve seen in concert and let me tell his voice is even more amazing live if that’s possible. I could listen to him sing the phone book,.

I fell in love with their music first (this is the song that hooked me) but soon after fell in love with personalities. These two can put on a show and love to tell a good story!
If you have time you have to watch their live concert at Lincoln Theater concert.

Now don’t stop here! Go check out the other artist!

If you find some new favorites come back and let me know! I would love to hear who you enjoyed!
Also if you liked this post and want to see more of our favorite artist let me know! I can post a Volume 2 playlist because I left tons out!

  • Haley Mills - Oh man you have some good stuff here, and a lot I haven’t heard yet, so I’ve added all of them to Spotify (people can go there to get the ones that aren’t on Prime, they just can’t download them. Can be streamed tho).

    Have you heard Nate Rateliff’s new album? Nathaniel Rateliff & the Nightsweats. It’s one of my favorites. Also the one I snapchatted you the other day–Glen Hansard, Didn’t He Ramble (I think I told you the title track, not the album name)ReplyCancel

Fall is right around the corner, teachers are getting ready to crawl back into their teaching hole and kiddos are stocking up on school supplies. This can only mean a new school year is upon us!  Oh the 1st days of school. I still remember them like they were yesterday. Don’t you?

What am I going to wear?
Wonder who I’m sitting next to in class?
I’m nervous!
Eeeek I’m excited!
Does Billy have the same lunch time as me?
Is this seat taken?
Is Sally going to be in my class?
I forgot my lunch!
I must have a pink backpack with purple stripes
I hope I get Mrs. Polly! I hear she lets you have a longer recess!
Yea school supplies!

All the excitement and emotions centered around the big day!

As parents you want your little one to have the best school year full of leaning with a side of fun and of course you want to document and remember that very special 1st day! Am I right?
Well today’s post is just for you. Here are a few simple tips to help you take better back to school photos!

Meet Brady

Our fun loving, always on the go, genius (no really he is) border collie. You may remember him from this post. Yep he’s still a handful but we sure do love him! Brady has graciously offered to help us with today’s post. I may or may not have told him treats were involved!




Tip 1: Plan in Advance

There’s so much going on the morning of the 1st day of school. Lunches and backpacks to pack, sleepy kids to wake up and get dressed. Help yourself by planning in advance! Take back to school photos the weekend before the big day so you can make it a fun relaxing event! Your little one can do a test run with his/her 1st day of school look and you can make it something they look forward to verses something you need to sneak in the morning of. If taking back to school photos the weekend before is not possible get backpacks and lunches ready the night before and get up early so you have photos time set aside the morning of.

Tip 2: Location

In front of the house is fine but if you plan to take my advice from the 1st tip you’ll have time to find a fun location for your back to school photos. This spot is right around the corner from my house and I had no idea. I put my little “back to schooler” in the car and headed out for an adventure.

Here are some things to look for when picking a location:
-Texture (brick walls, parks with tall trees, wood fences, fields full of wheat or tall grass)
-Colorful painted doors
– Iron work
– A parked school bus
– Check out our your child’s school as well
– Lighting is super important for those photos so when you’re hunting look for nice even light that’s not too bright. If you can find it open shade rocks! This tip helps even with phone photography

Most of these can be found right in your neighborhood! Also check out property around local schools, library’s, and shopping centers! My suggestion is to pick 1 location that offers a few different looks and stick with it!




Tip 3: Props

Look for things you already have on hand! No need to run out and buy a bunch of stuff! I just grabbed an apple and a blank chalk board as we were heading out the door. Keep it simple!
-A globe
-Composition notebook
-Mini chalkboard
-Their favorite toy
– Their new lunch box
-Don’t forget that new backpack!



Brady didn’t have a lunch box to showoff but he wanted to get a picture with his favorite snack!

Don’t forget to not only capture images of your child but the details that make them, them!

I always love a cute backpack shot especially the ones where their back back is bigger than them……precious! That’s big backpack shot is a great size comparison shot for when they’re older.




Tip 4: The Close Up

We love to capture their 1st day of school outfit but be sure to get a few close ups in as well. You’ll want to remember those freckles, curls and missing teeth or in Brady’s case his flop ear, wet nose, and amber eyes!


Along with the close up shots don’t forget to shoot the details!

Brady is channeling his inner E.T in the photo below. Come on, you know that scene where they dress E.T. in street clothes! Do ya see it now?




Tip 4: Keep it Simple Keep it Fun

If you plan to shoot your back to school photos in advance you’ll have time to let loose and have a some fun once the photos are over! Be sure to bring a change of clothes so the beloved back to school outfit stays clean! Brady had a blast running around the playground after we finished his photos but there are tons of other things you can do to make this tradition special for your back to schooler (have an end of summer ice cream sundae party, movie date with your little, a visit to the pool, make book shaped cookies together after you get home). Get creative but most of all keep the photos and the experience simple and easy so it’s fun and low stress for everyone!



Post Update:
This post is an oldie but goodied! I decided to dust off and reshare for all of those who are getting their little ready for their 1st day of school and could use a little giggle. I was 9 months pregnant when our 1st when I shot these photos. I remember Kent having to pull me up from the ground as we were moving between shots. I am now a mama to 2 sweet wild boys, Weston who is almost 3 and Carson who is 13months! Brady is still a handful but is now loved by 2 boys that think he hung the moon.

Ummm and in case you’re wondering YES I was totally kidding dressing my dog up in back to school attire but the tips are all still there to be helpful!