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Our New Home


Yep this is the new spot for our family blog and we’re so excited about the move!

Have you noticed a change around here?

Little less photography driven more blogish?


We decided to make the jump and move our family blog from its old spot to this spiffy place!
You didn’t know we have a family blog? Yes for 7 years and running!

I was ready to have a little more control over our site so I could offer more engagement with our readers and better quality photos……
Enter my photography blog that was just sitting her all lonesome.
I to reached out to Heather from Life Made Lovely to help me make the move from our Blogspot blog to WordPress/Pro Photo.

She did a beautiful job with it all and I honestly couldn’t be more happy!
The knew design screams !KENDRA!
The coffee cup, the mountains as our home icon, our family represented in pine trees, the touches of yellow and aqua (my favorite colors).
As embarrassing as it is I got a little teary eyed when she showed me the design.
I know what a whackado but if you’re new to my post you’ll soon learn that I try to keep things real over here and well as lame as it is I honestly got emotional over our new space.

So here we are!

Most post from our family blog have been moved over and this site, our new home! So if this whole we have a family blog is news to you feel free to click around and read some of our past post!


What to Expect:

If you’re new to our personal blogs I share a little bit of everything……..
-Family Life
-Health and Fitness
-Friday Faves
-And above all just plain randomness! I don’t want to say I’m a “Photography” blogger or a “Heath and Fitness” blogger because sticking to just one niche isn’t where my heart is. What brings me joy from all of this is blogging about whatever tickles my fancy so you’ll find a lot of randomness going on over here. If random annnnnnd typos don’t scare you I sure hope you’ll follow

I will still be sharing the occasional shoot with you but my main focus is to document our life more of a lifestyle blog if you will with a few other interest thrown into the mix!

How Can I Follow Along?

– You can subscribe via email (look over to your right for the email feature) When a new post goes up you’ll receive it right in your inbox!

– Follow us via Bloglovin! By clicking the cute yellow heart in sidebar. You’ll be directed to our Bloglovin page. You can follow us there and we’ll love ya for it!

– Add us to your Google Reader.

-Connect with us via social media! All of our social media info can be found in the sidebar to your right.

What Now?

– I’ll be taking a blog break until after the New Year as I prepare for Bloguaray  and take care of a few things around here that need my attention. YES Bloguary is coming back this year!!!! Are you excited? I am! Well excited and nervous as usual. I’ll be chatting more about what to expect during Bloguary in an upcoming post but basically it means a whole lot of blogging/vlogging in Jan!

– We’ll also be doing our annual Valentines Box Swap (this is our 4th year to swap) All details about this will be available soon.

– Besides all the fun stuff coming up the beginning of the year I’ll be keeping up with our weekly Wednesday post so you’ll get some type of new content (blog post or vlog) from me each and every Wednesday. While this move was going on I’ve been doing our weekly blog post live via Periscope which is really be fun!

-My writing style and the type of post will be the same! Full of randomness and chats about things from photography, motherhood, kiddos, DIYs, health and fitness, and of course our trips to the mountains. Same Kendra just a new pretty site.

We hope you’ll stick around and see what 2016 have in store!




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