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Organizing Your Home In Mini Chunks

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Taken after a 15min clean sweep. 2 bags of things we no longer need ready to be donated.

Over the years I’ve slacked at decluttering and organizing our home.

We have one too many junk drawers.
A dinning room table that is more of a catch all than a place to share a meal.
Closets that I open and close quickly hoping I don’t get knocked out in the process and garage that I would DIE if people saw.

On the surface our home is clean, cute actually but DON’T YOU DARE open any cabinets or doors!

The mess the clutter and the never ending to-dos stress me out to no end but you know what else stresses me out even more?

The idea of tackling them!

I don’t have big chunks of free time to take on big projects.
Nope my boys just won’t allow that and the last thing I need is for them to get into a pile of medicine that I’m discarding as I’m in the process of organizing a medicine cabinet.

What I do have though is a goal to get it all in check this year and little chunks of free time here and there to make it happen. If I make those little chunks of free time focused time (no social media or phone breaks) that time magically doubles! Crazy how that works out huh?

So I decided I needed to change the way I think about the whole decluttering and organizing process to be able to reach my goal for the year.

And that’s what I’ve done!

We’re almost 2 months into the year and I’ve dropped off countless bags of donations at Good Will.
I’ve created new systems and organized spaces in our home that I just couldn’t stand to look at.
I still have TONS and TONS more to accomplish to reach my goal but I’m making good headway and I’m happy with what I achieved so far.

I’m working on letting go of the overwhelming idea of decluttering and organizing and taking on a more simplified approach to it all.
I do what I can with what time I have and little by little I’ll get there!

Here some tips that have been helpful to me as I take on the huge goal of getting every inch of our home in order this year.



Part of my mini goal from last week. Simple organization but it makes me happy every time I open that drawer and now I can actually find what I need which is a time and stress saver


What You Can Do In 15 Minuets Of Focused Time Will Shock You

I’m the queen of staring down a mess and thinking “This is going to take me forever!” then closing the door the second I start feeling overwhelmed. I still struggle with feeling overwhelmed but I’m learning as I start the decluttering process that things don’t typically take as long as I think they’re going take. To prove this to myself I’ve been setting a kitchen timer each time I start a project that I think is going to take forever. So far my little kitchen timer has shown me just how very wrong I am about judging the length of time something is going to take. You can get a TON done in 15 minutest especially if it’s focused time….no phone no distractions! Some days all I get is 15 minuets here and there. Deciding to do what I can with that time has made the huge task of getting our home in check somewhat more manageable! A little here and a little there adds up!



Kids in bed, makeup off (so I can pass out right after I’m done),ready for my nightly 30min clean up!



A Kitchen Timer Is Your Buddy

Yes you can also use the clock feature on your phone but I didn’t want to keep reaching for my phone to check the timer because as you know the second you touch it you get sucked into a social media time warp. I wanted to be in control of my time and I knew if I had my phone close by that wouldn’t be the case so I found this timer on Amazon and bought the 2 pack (I liked that you can shut it off to keep from not wasting battery life) so that I would have one up stairs and down.

For someone with self diagnosed ADD (raising my hand) the timer keeps me on task and helps me divide my time up appropriately. If I’m feeling overwhelmed I pick an amount of time I can give a certain task and set the timer. If have several things that need my attention I assign an amount of time to each task set the timer then move onto the next item on the list when the timer goes off. I’ve also been using it for nightly 30 min clean sweeps. After the boys are in bed I set my timer for 30 minuets and pick up as much as I can within that 30 minuets! Some days I don’t need the full 30 minuets to pick up so if I have some time left over I’ll sort laundry (oh gosh the laundry battle is still an issues in our home) or prepare stuff e.g. our diaper bag and and clothes for the next day. It’s been so nice to wake up to a clean house each morning!

If you watch my Periscopes (Kendra_Huie) you’ll see me set my timer at the beginning of my scopes from time to time to keep myself on schedule! Seriously I LOVE this thing!



2nd part of my mini goal from last week. Kitchen junk drawer done and organized with bins from the Dollar Tree.



Set Weekly Mini Organizational Goals

The key word here is mini! It should be something you can easily complete within a week without feeling stressed. Set a mini goal for the week to go through a junk drawer, to clean out your night stand, to drop off donations at a local thrift store. Keep it simple. Keep it small and make it something you can do stress free within a week’s time.

Do be surprised if that mini goal gets the ball rolling and you start tackling more projects in your home. I picked two drawers to organize last week as my weekly mini goal. Before I knew it I organized an additional drawer, cabinet and my car. It feels soooo good!


Place Empty Boxes Or Bags In Areas That Need Attention

Set your self up for success by setting bag and empty boxes in rooms that need to be decluttered. When you’re in the room and have a little time just toss a few things in that you no longer want. It doesn’t have to be this whole huge production and purge. Keep it simple and easy. As you gather a few things go ahead and load them in your car so they’re all ready to be dropped off when you have time to swing by a donation center.



An additional drawer that got organized. This one took a little longer because I had a sweet grabby hand helper!
True story I tossed a TON of headbands even though you probably can’t tell from the photo!


I’m still in my declutter and organizing journey.
Lots more to do!
If I’m being honest it will probably take me a year to get our home where I want it to be and that’s okay!
Little by little I’ll get us there even with my tiny sidekicks by my side!

I’ll keep you guys updated and share more of our journey throughout the year!

Today on Periscope I’ll be doing a scope with Dollar Tree items I plan to use for organization projects. Their stores of full of organizational goodness right now! The scope will be live for 24hours so if you miss it you can catch the replay! I’m Kendra_Huie on Periscope.

I’ll see you back here on Monday with another family vlog and on Wednesday for our weekly blog post!

Did you miss this week’s vlog? You can watch it HERE!




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