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One Word – How to Chose Your Focus Word for the Year

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Welcome to Bloguary Day 4 only 17 more post to go!
Are you getting tired of me yet?
Please say you’re shaking your head no right now!

Before we jump into the steps to follow when selecting a focus word let me tell you a bit about the focus word I chose last year.

I knew 2015 was going to be a bit nuts for us.
Adjusting to a new baby.
Managing 2 under 2 along with my other responsibilities.
Figuring out how I was going schedule photo shoots and find editing time all while taking care of our 2 boys (our newest who ended up also having colic like our 1st son).

Yep, I knew it was going to be an interesting year.
I knew I was going to be stretched thin.
I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do everything I wanted.
I knew I would be spending some time in survival mode until things leveled out.

I was certain the only way I was going to be able to get through it all with a positive outlook was to give myself grace.

Grace that my fitness may need to be put on the back burner for a bit.
Grace for missing events or needing to say no to things I was invited to.
Grace for having a messy home.
Grace when I couldn’t keep up with the laundry.
Grace in those moments when I needed to cry for no reason at all.
Grace for allowing my toddler to watch more TV than I would like.

It was a time of adjustment for all of us and I knew I was going to need to let go of the guilt and just enjoy the season.
Things would level out eventually but that fresh new baby of ours wouldn’t keep and it was my job to soak up every ounce of him in that moment.

I’m not going to say I was perfect at letting go of the guilt.

There were many times I was hard on myself for not keeping up with the laundry, for looking like a hot mess, for needing help.


I always came back that that word……


My focus word was my little buddy that kept nudging me reminding me that it was okay. That I was allowed this season of grace and that my focus should be on my boys and not my shortcomings.

Goals, resolutions, focus words call them lame if you must but I’m proof that they can work if you allow them!

I lost 60lbs from setting a New Year’s Resolution and I’m quite sure surviving 2 babies with colic would have been even more of a struggle if I didn’t have my focus word to hold onto.

Last year was the year of grace and it was the best word I could have chosen for the season I was in.

Okay now it’s your turn!

If you’re having a hard time selecting a focus word.
I’m here to help!

Your Focus-1


Step 1: Think about the areas you struggled in last year.
Is there room for improvement? If so do you want to improve?

When selecting my focus word for 2016 I thought long and hard about the areas in my life that caused me challenges.

A cluttered house.
Too many obligations and not enough time to do them without being stressed.
Too many distractions causing me to not fully focus on the task at hand.
A list a mile long of things I wanted to accomplish but for some reason just could not make them a priority.


Step 2: Think about what you want to achieve and how you can support yourself in reaching that goal.
For example: If you struggle with weight loss what are some things that are motivating you to make your health a priority this year. Are you hoping to get off a medication? Are you wanting to be a healthy role model for your children? Whatever it may be think about how you can support your goal/goals and what type of mental support you need from yourself to make it happen.

I noticed a theme that ran deep in many areas I was struggling in.

The busyness, the clutter, the overwhelming list that I just couldn’t keep up with, the numerous distractions that were pulling me in many different directions affected so many parts of my life.
How I interacted with people.
Who I was as mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a homemaker, a blogger, a photographer.
And yep even my heath.

It hand its hands in all areas of my life.

Ding ding ding there was my focus word for 2016!


Step 3: Assign a word that supports the above thoughts.
You’ve identified your struggles and the changes you would like to see. You’ve thought on ways you can support those changes now it’s time to assign your word! Pick a word that has meaning. One that will support the changes you’re wanting to see.

-Perhaps Patience is something you need to achieve some big goals you’re working on this year.
-Maybe you’re going through a hard time and holding onto Gratitude will bring you joy throughout the year. 
-Are you facing new challenges that are making your knees knock just thinking about them. Courage may be your strength.
-Perhaps you’re in a rut. You do the same things every day. You eat the same types food. You stay in your safe circle of people not looking to make new connections. You’re bored. Adventure may be the word that shakes things up for you in the new year!

After I worked through the steps above my focus word for 2016 was clear as day!

The word I’ve selected is……..

2016 Focus Word Less www.hangingwiththehuies.com

Less distractions pulling me from things I’m passionate about.
Less clutter not only in my home but in my life.
Less stress.
Less emotion over things I can’t control.
Less stuff.

All around I want to cut the crap come back to center and have more time to pour whole heartily into the areas of my life that mean the most to me.


Step 4: Write it down! Love it! Focus on it! Repeat it! Shout it!
Your focus word is your new baby. You’ve selected it for a reason now hold the heck onto it. When you’re facing a challenge chant it. It was those long nights bouncing our screaming colic ridden son me crying along with him and feeling so helpless when I grabbed for my focus word and held on tight…..GRACE. It was those moments that I got on the scale and saw a number that made me sick that I reminded myself that I had just has a baby…..GRACE. Love your word and believe in the support it can bring you.

Less is written all over my planner.
Less is taped in my car, in my home office, and to my bathroom mirror.

I remind myself of my focus word throughout the day.

Less with more focus.
Less so I can be more.
Less so I can do better.
Less so I can be still.

Focus words are powerful my friends!
Choose one and let it be your little buddy that nudges your throughout the year. Reminding you what you’re reaching for!

I want to hear from you!
What is your focus word for the year?



I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Bloguaary day 5!
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  • Shaunta - My focus word is going to be Patience.
    Love following your blog.ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Patience is a great one! Thank you for the sweet words! ♡♡♡ReplyCancel

      • Shaunta - You’re welcome. You have a beautiful family.ReplyCancel

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