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Oh Hey There April

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Maternity photos have not been shot.
The nursery is not finished. 
Not a diaper has been bought and our newborn cloth diaper stash is packed away…..somewhere.
We don’t have a double stroller.
The house is an unorganized cluttered mess.
Unfinished house projects are sprinkled throughout our home.
The infant car set is somewhere in our garage but I’m not quite sure where and it needs a good washing before I’m ready to put a baby in it.
Our bags are not packed.
A coming home outfit for the little has not been bought.
My list of random beauty things to do before the baby comes is still a mile long. Yes I know vane but I do have a list. Hate me if you must.
Bottles need to be washed.
Pacifiers need to be found.
Parts for the breast pump need to be ordered.
Nursing bras? Hum should probably buy a couple of those.
My heart is racing and I’m getting even more stressed just typing this so I’ll stop there oh but the list goes on and on.

I’m sure you’ll say all these things don’t matter and I know you’re right but the nesting mama in me strongly disagrees with you.


Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is highly impossible with a toddler constantly underfoot.
Saying that we’re not ready is a massive understatement but guess what?
My mother-in-law (our saving grace) comes home this weekend annnnnnnnnd……….

We’re having a baby this month! Eeeeeekk!




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