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Now that I’m a Mom

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As Weston’s 1st birthday approaches I can’t help but think how much he’s changed me over the year. He’s taught me so many lessons showed me I can do things I had no idea I could do. I’ve shocked myself this last year with the new found talents and strength I didn’t even know I was capable of. I may be wrong but I think a few mama’s out there might identify with these post baby “talents”.

Let’s chat about them shall we?

1. I can Go Go Gadget my arms to the back seat like no body’s business– This was a shock to me. I’ve used my mom arms to find toys, pop or hold a paci in his month, feed him a bottle, snack, or meal, hold his hand or rub his cheek if he’s upset even little dancing finger shows for entertainment. It’s pretty impressive if I do say so myself. They’re like their own little people.

2. Weird things now give me a sense of accomplishment- Clean stuffed cloth diapers. A bottle rack full of squeaky clean bottles.  When nugget goes #2. Really more of an accomplishment for him but I feel like I can check it off my list as well! Making it to an event, with Weston, on time. Mama showered and dressed in something besides my mom get up (workout clothes). Getting a tough stain out of Weston’s clothes. Having an uninterrupted phone call. Who am I kidding this one hardly happens. Waking up without an alarm before Weston does. Drinking a cup of coffee without having to warm it. Surviving a long road trip without any major melt downs…..for Weston or us. Picking up his room while he’s in there. That one right there is almost impossible. Making it in the house with a load full of groceries in my arms and a 27 pound baby on my hip without causalities. Catching him before he falls onto something harmful. This usually involves a ninja like dive and flip type of move. These things and many more give my mama heart a sense of accomplishment. Call me lame if you like!

3. I had a soft heart before Weston but now it’s more of a mushy blob– Can that be considered a new talent? I say yes! The mom heart! They ability to cry at the drop of a hat. Yep you just never know what’s going to get my water works flowing. A sweet moment between dad and son. Seeing him hug my best friend after not seeing her for a few days. They way he lights up when he sees his grandparents. Watching him try to figure something out, and succeeding. Seeing excitement in his eyes as he experiences something new. When he calls me mama or lights up when I walk into a room. When he started walking…..don’t even get me started. I can be giggling one second and boohooing the next.

4. “Power Through” has become my most used phrase– And even though it’s just a phrase it totally gets me through the rocky moments. Maybe those words have some magical power? Running on little sleep, house a mess, I’m a mess, have a To-Do list a million miles long which all needs to be done with a baby on my hip so basically one handed. I start to get overwhelmed then say the words “Power Through” and I somehow make it through. Nap hating screaming teething baby, “Power Through sister”! Colic baby who’s having a rough day “Power Through!”  You have good days, GREAT days, then you have those days that you’re just not sure you can make it. Somehow I always do and the phrase “Power Through” helps. Okay maybe coffee and a sense of humor help too!

5. Scientist who say “It’s not possible to successfully multi task” are soooo wrong! I’m the multi task queen! I was good at multi tasking before baby, post baby I pretty much rock at it. I’m just going to go ahead and toot my own horn here…TOOT…..TOOT! The ability to multi task is the only way you can survive with small children. Bottle in one hand, baby in another, mail tucked under my neck while playing defense from the baby who wants to destroy it. Doing the dishes while dancing and singing to keep my mama’s boy from flipping out that I’m not holing him. Answering an email while making sure my son doesn’t destroy my office or get hurt. Successfully folding laundry into neat organized piles while changing a diaper with my toes. Okay I haven’t mastered that one yet but don’t put it past me. I’m not saying any of these task are rocket science status BUUUUT let’s be honest they’re pretty close.

7. The mom guns. This one gets me a little miffed because I have the mom gun strength but gosh darn it I wanted to be able to see the muscles too. They’re hiding under the baby weight. I can totally use the baby weight excuse until he’s in collage, right? Okay back on track. The Mom Guns. Carrying a baby around for hours on end. Up and down the stairs. Squatting. Bending. Standing. Sometimes even a little bouncing action going on if they’re fussy. Usually all the baby carrying is going on while doing other random task with your free arm like lifting weights. My little guy is not so little. He was born at 9.3 and now weighs 28 pounds and wants to be in mamas arms all day. So you see why I’m a little ticked that I didn’t get the sweet muscle award that comes along with this new found strength? I’ve worked hard for it man! Maybe when he’s in college and the baby weight is gone I’ll be able to show off my mom guns!

8. Kisses, cuddles, hugs, and all that mushy stuff. I never get my fill My goodness I had no idea I would want to love on one being as much as I do Weston and I was a pretty affectionate person before I became a mama. His sweet cheeks, his widdle hands and chubby feet, his big noggin, and round tummy, the way he smells in the morning, or fresh out of the bath. Y’all I just can’t get enough. Even when he’s being a little snot and screaming his head off I still want to give him a big smooch. Seriously the poor child just wants to play and here I come with my open arms and big puckered lips “Give mama a kiss.” “Can mama have a hug?” I just can’t get enough of him. It doesn’t matter how much lovin’ I get in I can always go back for more. When he gives me a mouth open drool covered kiss I just melt. I can see how others may find this gross but if it’s your own baby you’ll melt too….then wipe the drool off your face.

9. Buggers, snot, drool, and other bodily fluids don’t faze me! Oh yeah I used to get sicked out about this stuff before baby now it’s like I’m cleaning up water, although it’s poop or something else others consider gross. I pick his nose. I’m not too good for the dirty diaper smell check. I’ve even caught puke in my hand……then sat there hand full of green avocado puke until someone was able to get me a napkin (I was at a restaurant). I wipe his snot and am usually covered in drool most days. It’s like he’s a wild animal marking his mama territory! I talk about poop like I’m talking about what I ate for lunch. Did he poop? How much? What it soft or hard? Good consistency, GREAT!  Yes I can see how this is gross from the outside looking in but pop happens people and I‘m pretty sure I’m not the only mom out there that can say “No cheese and salad dressing on the side please oh yeah and like I was saying he had a pop explosion that was out of this world….” all in one sentence without getting nauseous.

10. The ability to love on a level that’s unimaginable. Oh see just typing that has me crying. Yep there’s number 3 from the list in action for you. I knew I would love him. I was prepared for that but what I wasn’t prepared for was just how strong and deep this love would run. It’s laced through every inch of my body. It drives my dreams and decisions. It’s a love that’s indescribable and as my husband so poetical said on the day Weston was born “The true form of love at first sight is the love you have for your child when you first lay eyes on them.”  My love for him has changed me. He has changed me. He’s broken me down, rebuilt me, and shown me so many things in this last year. Because of him and my love for our son I am better. I know I’ll continue to learn from my sweet one and I can’t even wrap my mind around this one but I also know my love for him will continue to grown and take on new meaning. I’m pretty sure I’ll pick up even more talents along the way.

Being a mommy his hard. It can be lonely and trying at times but it’s the most amazing gift and shows you that you are so much stronger than you think. I’m still holding out for those mama guns though!

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