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Ninja Says “Happy Halloween”


Sweet Ninja!

Isn’t he the cutest thing?

Not only is he cute he has this whole modeling thing down!
I always have my camera jammed in his face and I guess it’s paying beacuse he’s a modeling pro!  


We’ve had Ninja for a little over a year and I’m so happy we added him to the clan. We really hit the bunny jackpot! He loves to cuddle, he gets along with our dog, he knows his name, annnndddd he’s litter box trained! I had a bunny when I was a kid but I had no idea how smart they are. My childhood bunny lived in our back yard and we really didn’t play with him much. When brought Ninja home I did a bunch of research and learned how smart bunnies are. Who would have thought they could be litter box trained, come when their name is called, and learn tricks…..pure craziness!


Ninja wanted to pop in and say…… 

Happy Halloween!!!!





* I’m always taking silly pictures of Ninja!
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