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New Bedroom Furniture & Plans for Weston’s Big Boy Room

Hi friends!

I’m pretty sure if I start each Monday (Side Note: I intended for this to go up on Monday but babies…we’ll just leave it at that) post off with “We had amazing weather over the weekend!”  it rolls over some sort of magical power into the following weekend for yet again another weekend of…….amazing weather.

So let’s not stop a good thing eh?


WE HAD AMAZING WEATHER OVER THE WEEKEND and of course planned to spend most of it outdoors.

We met up with my BFF for a park walk on Saturday and finished the day off with dinner on our back porch and a fire pit!

See pretty amazing huh?

Sunday (which is when I typically to vlog) we loaded the kids up and headed out for a picnic lunch and a hike with plans to make a quick stop at Ashley Homestore to take a peek at some bedroom furniture. We’ve had our current set for 9 years.

Kent and I have never really loved it but it was a good price so ours it became but 9 years later we’re both ready for a change!

I didn’t take the vlogging camera inside Ashley’s because I was sure it was going to be an in and out trip.

NOPE! I was so wrong!

We’ve been on the hunt for bedroom furniture for our room for the LONGEST and seeing how Weston is the size of a 4 year old and turning 3 in few months we’re ready to move him to a “BIG BOY BED”….I think, I think we’re ready!?!?!

Kent and I have both been super picky about what we want for our bedroom.

We both wanted something kind of eclectic that wasn’t super matchy matchy.
We wanted a good price (duh) and…..
whatever we bought needed to go well with our honker of a amour that was a beast to get up our stairs and will probably stay right where it is unless a chainsaw is taken to it.

I did a little digging around on the Ashley Homestore website and surprisingly ( because we’re being picky) liked a couple of their bedroom sets.
I had given up hope that we were going to find something that we both loved then boom they had 2 sets that fit what we were looking for to a T!

Well wouldn’t you know they happen to have a sale going the day that we stopped by and a pretty darn good one too.


3 hours later we left with 2 very hungry kiddos and a new bedroom set for us and little dude which will be delivered within the next 2 weeks.

EEEEEK I’m so stinking excited!



Wesling Panel Bed


I can’t wait to have a new fresh bedroom set that I really really love and I’m itching to get our new space all decorated and lookin’ good!
Since I wasn’t crazy about our previous bedroom furniture I never felt inspired to decorate the space but now my head is swimming with ideas!

I want our bed liens to be full of texture with neural tones and the plan is to throw in pops of color with pillows and decor. I’m doing a bit of hunting to find beding that fits my vision.
Once I do everything else will fall into place!

I’ll of course share with you guys along the way!



Trinell Twin Panel bed with storage drawer add on

Weston’s bed and nightstand are exactly what I was hoping for!
I’m so very excited to get my hands on his room and turn it into a big boy space for him!

Look past the bedding and decor you see in store photo above and take a gander at this………


The inspiration board I created for Weston’s big boy room!

I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE his current wall color (Enamelware by Martha Stewart) and really don’t want to paint his room so that’s staying.

I also wanted to incorporate his favorite color (orange) and his love for adventures and all things transpiration!

There are also a few elements in his nursery that I wanted to keep along with the paint color…….
his vintage globe collection,
his gallery wall,
his rocker, we still use that thing on the daily
his wire basket light fixture that we DIY’d.

The design I laid out above makes everything flow with the elements I wanted to keep in his room but adds more of a big boy vibe to it!

I will of course share photos and links to products once we get everything finished in case anyone is interested.

With the new furniture coming in we’re doing a bit of rearranging
Weston’s white amour (LOVE THAT THING) will be moved to my office as well as his cream vintage dresser.
I’m moving a grey cabinet that’s currently in my office to his room.
The pipe shelves you see above on the inspiration board will be hung above the cabinet. We plan to DIY those so wish us luck!

Moving all this furniture around will also get the office revamp ball rolling as it’s another space in our home that’s begging for some TLC!

Weston’s amour and dresser will look great in the office and provide some much needed storage!


I love a space with vintage charm, color, and a touch of modern design!
I’ve been admiring this office redo from Salt and Pepper Mom’s for the longest and think I may use it an inspiration for my office.

Just wait until you see some of the awesome pieces I’ve thrifted in anticipation of decorating our office space!

So all of this and some other unexpected exciting news (NO I’M NOT PREGNANT it’s travel related but I’m going to hold off sharing until it gets a little closer) just kind of happened on Sunday.

Instead of the picnic and hike we had planned we spent our afternoon chasing our kiddos around a furniture store and booking a fun exciting family trip!
Don’t you love awesome unexpected days!

So no family vlog from Sunday but I did still post a cute little clip of Carson and I on our YouTube channel on Monday!
Wanna see?

Click HERE to view directly YouTube

I’m taking this Wednesday off from our typical Wednesday posting schedule.
Our sitter comes on Wednesday mornings and I need to work on getting the rooms ready for all the furniture shifting while she has the boys out of harms way.

Things will be back to normal next week!

I have some FUN blog post coming up!
One is a request from you guys! We’ll be talking all about clean eating and what I typically eat in a day.
The following week I’ll be sharing some of my spring essentials!
I also have a helpful scope planned for this week where we’ll chat all about getting your family ready for spring photos!

If you’re not on Periscope (Kendra_Huie) yet you better hop to it!
We have so much fun over there and it’s allowed me to get to know you guys more!

See you back here on Monday!



  • Danielle Beinke - I loved the video, Carson is so sweet and cute and I just love kissing baby feet!!! What a great memory to have recorded to look back on years down the road. I also love love love the furniture you picked out and can’t wait to see the finished product!

    Side note, I love your new hair 🙂 I need to have mine done but with so much other stuff going on right now can’t really afford the salon…..would you mind sharing which box you used? I’m also contemplating getting bangs because I love Skinny Meg’s so much, but I’m soooo chicken about it. Hair grows back though right, that’s what I keep telling myself! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Thank you! I know right baby feet and chubby baby cheeks just beg for lots and lots of kisses!

      Thank you so much! I’m loving it. Wish I wouldn’t have listened to my stylist and done it sooner although I do see her point about the gray showing faster. What I have now is closer to my natural hair color so I think it works better with my skin tones. The color I used it 400 Pure Dark Brown from L’Oreal. I found it at Target. Link to the color below. 🙂


  • Andrea M - Yay!! So excited about the new rooms!!! Great blog post and I loved, loved, loved the vlog. So stinking sweet!!!!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Thank you you sweet thang you!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Angela S - LOVE your style and if the rooms come out anything like the inspiration boards they will be amazing. In looking for bedding for your bedroom check out West Elm. They have a ton of neutrals and lots of textures options. They are great!ReplyCancel

    • Kendra Huie - Thank you! I sure hope everything comes together like I’m hoping!

      I a duvet at West Elm that is exactly what I’m looking for but they only had twin available. BOO! I’m still keeping an eye out. It’s out there I just need to keep digging!ReplyCancel

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