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My Son’s Newborn Photos – Frisco, TX Newborn Photographer


Hi ya!
Long time no post eh? Last time I posted I was 8 months pregnant. That was quite some time ago. In fact we recently celebrated our son’s half birthday. Yep our little buddy is 6 months old! That should give you an idea of how behind I am….yup! I have tons of beautiful sessions to share and things to catch you up on but in the meantime I think it’s about time to share Weston’s newborn photos.

I dreamed of taking my son’s newborn photos from the day we found out we were expecting! I would find myself daydreaming of different color combinations and poses. I bought hats, props, backdrops. I had all kinds of goodies set aside just for him! I knew these photos were going to be AMAZING! They would be set up and tailored just as I envisioned them…..yep no doubt!

Oh boy did Weston have a lesson to teach me! He served me a big fat piece of humble pie and made sure I went back for seconds. His session did not pan out at all the way I thought it would. 5 years in the biz and Weston (my own child) was my absolute worst client to date! He was a total stink pot! Most of the props I bought for him didn’t get used. He refused to sleep. Getting him into any kind of a pose was just not happening. As far as the hats I bought, some of which were handmade just for him yeahhhhh he wasn’t having any of that!  It took me 4 days….yes 4 days to get the shots you see below. He cried. I cried. I had to give myself a few pep talks. It was a bit of a circus act trying to shoot these all while recovering from laboring a 9 pound ball of squishy love. That alone was a whole different challenge!

Would I do it again? Heck yes!

Even though it was a massive struggle it was a dream come true for me. Not exactly the same dream I had been cooking up for months but hey that’s life! While it wasn’t prefect it was awesome in its own way. Next time I won’t let myself get so worked up and I will take the advice I always share with my clients before a shoot. “It’s awesome to plan ideas and colors in advance, actually I recommend it! But ultimately it’s important that we remember that the baby runs the show. We will go as far as he/she will let us. No matter what we will capture beautiful photos that you will treasure for a life time.”

Soooo Kendra you should have listened to photographer Kendra because she was so right!

Okay no onto the cuteness…………..

One of my favorites. This one is framed in his nursery!


Like I said above 9 ponds of squishy love!

 Hat above from: Handmade Hugs

This one I stare at for hours! His lips, his cheeks eeeekkk!

 Hat above from: KNOTS

This was his “Yeah right you want to pose me like a frog and put a hat on me. Good luck with that sister!” face. None the less I love how this photo captures him at the time. His thick hair. His beautiful eyes, and of course just how alert he was. Even from the beginning! Weston was not one of those sleepy newborns, nope! He came into the world screaming like a banshee. He’s been strong willed and had great focus from the get go. My family jokes that he was born a 4 month old. We may be a tad proud of our little guy!


Ah I can’t believe I’ve been a mommy to this little love for half a year! It really is going by in a flash! My husband says it feels like 6 months. To me it honestly it feels like weeks even though so much has happened in the last few months. Much of which I want to update you on but that will be in a later post. I’ll be shooting his 6 month photos this weekend so I figured it was high time I share his newborn photos with y’all. They aren’t exactly what I envisioned in my cray cray photographer brain but I’m in love with them. They are beyond precious to me!

If you would like to keep up with yours truly and my little family please add us on Instagram.  I’m on there daily sharing bits and bobs. My IG post are not typically geared towards photography mainly random mommy hood stuff but we have a loads of fun over there! My username is: Kendra_Pryor

I’ll be back soon with an update post!




  • Brittany Worden - I am interested in scheduling my newborn baby boy pics with you. His due date is February 22. Will you be able to have a new client for that time frame? Also, are the newborn pics done in your studio or at our home? Lastly, what is the cost of your digital packages?ReplyCancel

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