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My Growing Belly Maternity Photos – Frisco TX Photographer

 Here we are………just days away from meeting out little man.

I can’t believe how fast its flown by.  I can now count the days until we meet him on 1 hand.  I’m trying my best to slow down and cherish every moment, every hiccup, every kick. My heart is full of excitement and my eyes tear up easily as I think about what a blessing this pregnancy has been and how precious the 1st time we hold him will be.

We can’t wait to see his sweet baby chubs (yep he’s going to be a big guy) and how much he looks like his daddy. From his sonogram pictures they look like twins. It makes me giggle!

A little while back we headed to Colorado for our baby moon. For those of you who know me know I dream of living a simple life with my growing family and tons of animals tucked away in the beautiful Colorado Mountains. This was our 1st time visiting but I knew it was a place my heart would feel at home and boy did it! I’ve never been so relaxed and at peace. Kent and I have travel a lot in our 13 years together but we both agree that Colorado is one of our top trips. In fact we have plans to road trip it back next summer with baby Weston and the pets in tow.

During our stay in the mountains we shot our maternity photos. I’ve been excited to share them with you!

























Such a special trip! A celebration of love for each other and the growing baby boy in my tummy.

I would love to book a few sessions during our trip next summer. I had a blast shooting while we were there and would love to work with a few local families during our stay. If you live in the Colorado area keep me in mind. I’ll be planning sessions towards the end of winter!




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