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Monday’s Vlog – Quarters Can Buy Happiness

We’ve been doing this Monday vlog post thing for 9 weeks!
That’s an achievement in my mind especially with how nuts things have been in our house lately! I’m really enjoying it though and it seems like y’all are too so I plan to keep it up!

Each time the weekend rolls around and it’s time to vlog I always wonder how it’s all going to play out.
Right before I hit that record button I think “Oh my lanta what am I doing!?!” but some how all these little clips from our weekend come together and capture moments that I know we’ll be grateful for

Weston’s sweet toddler voice, our family dynamic when it was just the 3 of us, Carson meeting milestones, Brady always in the middle of everything!

It’s our life……our family and I think it’s pretty special to have these mundane moments documented!
I also think it’s pretty sweet that y’all are loving this little vlogs of ours so much!
Thank you for the sweet emails and comments letting us know just how much you’re enjoying them! We feel the love and we’re sending it right back at ya!

To watch this week’s vlog directly via YouTube click HERE

In this week’s vlog I mentioned a vlog where we told my mom we were pregnant with Weston. I’ve included in this post as well so ya can take a gander if you haven’t seen it!
It’s pretty precious!

To watch directly via YouTube click HERE

We’ll see ya back here on Wednesday for our weekly blog post!



  • Kiersten Butler - Loved the Vlog!!! And you’re mom’s reaction in that other video was priceless! I’m sure you are so happy you have that moment documented!! Love to the Huies!ReplyCancel

  • Kelsey - Omg, your momma made me cry with her! I could totally feel her joy in those tears!

    AND what the HECK was the thumping noise in the car?!?! You shouldn’t leave us hanging like that!ReplyCancel

    • Kierstenbutler - The suspense is killing us! ReplyCancel

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