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Monday’s Vlog (on Tuesday) – Hiking and Massive Meal Prepping


Howdy friends!
Monday’s vlog was live on our YouTube channel yesterday I just didn’t get a chance to post it here.
If you don’t want to miss out on a vlog be sure to follow along on our YouTube channel. Not all things posted to that channel are shared on the blog so if you’re a friend over there as well you’ll be in the inside loop!

We had amazing weather in TX over the weekend. We love being outdoors so we were outside as much as possible to make sure we were soaking up all the awesomeness we could. It was pretty much perfection….park walks, playgrounds and hikes!


We visited a new to us trail on Sunday which was pretty nice. Lots of steep hills and Weston rocked them all. Do toddlers get sore?
I don’t know but that’s all I was thinking during our 2 hour hike “Look at him go! I bet he’s going to be sore tomorrow.” I haven’t heard a complaint yet so I guess he’s all good.

We brought you guys along on the hike and for some Sunday meal prep!
Let’s watch this weeks vlog shall we?

Hanging With The Huies Vlogs 2016

To watch via YouTube click HERE

I’ll be back tomorrow for Wednesday’s post with a Target Haulish/Valentine’s gift ideas and a GIVEAWAY!




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