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Meet Our New Puppy – Brady the Border Collie

It’s been 10 years since we’ve had a puppy in the house. I forgot how time consuming they are.


I’ve been busy……..

Potty training

Crate training

Shoes are not toys training

How to play with other dogs training

Ninja the bunny is your brother NOT dinner training

You get the point!




Just loooooook at his widdle face! How could you not love him.
Said in my most annoying puppy voice. Yes I have one of those. Don’t you? Well you should dogs love it!
How do you think I got him to look at the camera?


  Up to this point we ‘ve only had toy breeds. Not only is Brady larger than what we’re used to he’s a Border Collie. Border Collies are FULL of energy and need lots of training and attention to shape their genius minds. 🙂
We did our research before bringing this little guy home but I have to say we still weren’t quite prepared for the tornado.

A lot of shoes went to shoe heaven.
Furniture has been rearranged.
Even a lifestyle change as we now spend our free time trying to wear him out.

But again look at that widdle face how could you not love him?




 The awakening happened when we went to his 1st checkup.
Our vet literally sat us down and gave us a 20 minuet firm talking to about Border Collies and how important it was that we put time into raising him right. He then told us what we would have on our hands if we didn’t make training an important part of our relationship with Brady.

We left terrified wondering what in the world we had gotten ourselves into.

But then yet again looooooook at his widdle face! How could we NOT love him!

We were committed to making him a joyful addition to our family thus it was time to hunker down and get our train on! 

 We made nice with the ladies at our local library and rented every book and DVD on border collies and dog training we could get our hands on. I told you I’ve been busy.

Ps….If you don’t take advantage of your local library you totally should. The library ROCKS! Yes even people that don’t have kiddos can go to the library. ;o)



Brady is pretty stubborn but that seems to go hand in hand with smart dogs. They like to be challenged and test boundaries. The flip side is once they learn right from wrong and form a bond with their owner they want nothing more than to please you.  

Yeah we’ve read books about the breed, watched training DVDs, picked Border Collie owners minds soooooo yeah we’re pretty much experts on the topic……NOT!


 What I can tell you abou this little tornado……

He’s adorable
He’s smart crazy smart
He sooo soft
He has eyes that will melt your heart


He’s a handful

A BIG handful

I’m talking giant monster hands here!  




 Watch this clip to see exhibit A:






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