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Massive TX Snow Storm – Pick That Camera Up VOL 3

Okay so it may not be a massive snow storm by other standards but for us Texans it was all very exciting! 
See we get “Ice Days” in Texas,
not often snow days so any sprinkling of snow is something to be tickled over!

Like any good Texan we bundled up, put socks on our baby’s hands and headed out for some fun!  
This was Weston’s 1st time playing in the snow so it was pretty special to watch!

IMG_1832 copy

IMG_1786 copy

IMG_1795 copy

I see baby brother peeking through my jacket!

IMG_1822 copy

IMG_1773 copy

Socks on his hands and cowboy boots on his feet!
It totally worked!

IMG_1813 copy

IMG_1824 copy

IMG_1830 copy

IMG_1789 copy

IMG_1856 copy

I think these photos will be ones that fall into the “Oh my gosh I’m so happy we have these!” category!

PS….Speaking of Texas “Ice Days” I can hear ice hitting my window as I type this. Another ice day tomorrow.

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